12 homeDark chocolate against retrora, onion against irritating itching and grind ginger against rheumatic disease. Here you will get 12 home remedies for prescription-free relieve problems with things you probably already have at home!

There are medicines, for the most part, either prescription-free or as you can get out of disk. However, you often find the answer to many common problems like ret housing, itching and sleep problems. For example, onions, chocolate, coffee grills, potatoes, and ginger can have undisturbed properties. Let them become self-evident in your house cures!

12 home remedies to prevent coughing, itching and other problems

1. Prevention of sickness

The ground ginger helps against sickness. Sprinkle a few chopped apple pieces and eat before the departure.

2. Release the skin on the body

Are you going to get rid of half-corrupted by irritating mosquito bites? Quiet! You relieve the gluttony gossip if you rub a half onion where it is the worst.

3. Butter relieves

If you have burned on fire brigades it is very effective to lubricate the area with butter. It makes a difference quickly!

4. Effective against human pain

It may feel provocative when lying and having pain, but the best cure for human pain is exercise. The body relaxes afterward and the pain is alleviated.

5. Chocolate against a cough

Try to eat a piece of dark chocolate when a cough turns on. It is an excellent husk that relieves and leans immediately.

6. Relaxation and help to sleep

Hard to fall asleep? Try a cup of hot chocolate – a great way to relax.

7. Stop bleeding

If you have cut yourself, you can halve a potato and put on the wound. The starch causes the bleeding to stop.

8. Nice feet

Lubricate your feet with olive oil and put on a pair of socks at bedtime. Soon you will have baby sickness foxes.

9. Medicine slips down

Place tablets on a teaspoon of liquid honey. Then they slim down easier than swallowing them with water.

10. Use a disc brush

If you have stiff joints, it can be difficult to wash your feet. Buy a soft brush and use for the purpose!

11. Hick!

A simple and good means of stubborn hiccups: Pour 2-3 drops of Vademecum mouthwash on a sugar bite that gets melted in your mouth. Before the sugar bit has melted, the hick is lost.

12. Remove the aftertaste

Many medications give a good taste of the mouth, but if you take a spoon of coffee and keep it in your mouth for a while, the bean will completely disappear.

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