exercises If you suffer from anxiety or feel particularly tense and stressed, here are some simple exercises that can help you fight this state. Discover them with us and you will be able to cope with anxiety in no time.

Relieving or fighting a state of anxiety is possible with simple relaxation exercises. A bit of autogenous training, with particular attention to breathing, can help you feel immediately more relaxed and prevent panic attacks.

It is not easy to achieve a good balance between body and mind but counteracting tension is possible if you try out the exercises against the anxiety that we recommend. Remember also that a good method to relieve stress is physical activity… try these exercises to do comfortably on the sofa:

1. Deep breathing exercise to combat anxiety

The most effective exercise to calm anxiety is to engage in deep breathing associated with a calming image. Choose a comfortable place where you feel particularly comfortable (it can be your bed or your favorite armchair). Close your eyes and breathe letting the thought flow freely.

Focus now on a relaxing image, an image associated with something positive and, focusing on it, breathe slowly several times for at least five consecutive minutes. You will feel the anxiety subside gradually.

2. Fighting anxiety with the exercise of heaviness

Choose a comfortable position, close your eyes and focus on your right arm (if you are left-handed, on the left). Begin to imagine that your arm becomes very heavy and repeat the phrase softly: “My right arm is heavy, very heavy, totally heavy, and I am relaxed”.

Repeat the phrase several times, remaining focused on the feeling of heaviness of the arm, until you feel all the other muscles of the body gradually relax. At that point, go to the left arm repeating the same exercise, then continue with the right leg, the left, the abdomen, the chest, shoulders, and back.

With ten minutes of this exercise, you will definitely feel more relaxed and relieved of anxiety.

3. Exercise of imagination to combat anxiety

Anxiety is sometimes a fear that we cannot name. To defeat it, it may be useful to try to give it a shape using your imagination. By visualizing your fears, you will help anxiety to disappear.

Then close your eyes and try to ask yourself: what color is my anxiety? What is its shape? Try to imagine it using fantasy and not language, it will help you to focus it and make it more conscious. Do not forget, while doing this exercise, to breathe deeply. You will feel all your fears emerge and you will not have to be afraid to look them in the face.

4. Abdominal breathing as an exercise to combat anxiety

Place yourself comfortably on your bed or on the sofa and place one hand on your stomach and one on your chest. Start by inhaling with the nose and swelling the belly. You will see your hand resting on the abdomen rise. Hold your breath for a few seconds then throw the air out using your mouth.

Thanks to the breathing that uses the diaphragm you will be able to immediately perceive a state of deep relaxation and you will be able to discharge stress. This breathing should also be used as a basis for previous exercises.

Remember, finally, that nutrition is also important against anxiety and stress. Take a look at these foods:

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