The lipstick is one of the essences within our makeup routine. More than anything because if we know how to use it well. It is an ideal complement to the lipstick. A quick and easy way to intensify our mouth, for a more sensual finish than we imagine.

But it is true that not always everything happens as we expect. So, we have to talk about a series of mistakes we make in the world of makeup and more specifically, with lipstick. Surely after reading this, you will feel very identified. So it will be a perfect way to correct all those steps that we do not take correctly.

Not exfoliate lips

Although it may not seem like it has to do, it does have a lot. If we forget to exfoliate the lips, then they may not have the presence they require. That is, they are soft, without cracks or those bits of skin that sometimes detach from them. We need a uniform skin to be able to make up perfectly. That is why once a week we should have an exfoliation. Like the face, the lips also need this care. Once the process is finished, we will apply a little petroleum jelly on them and that’s it.

Beware of chapped lips!

If we are already late and have chapped lips, then forget about lipstick. Yes, it is the best you can do. Because in this case, you will need some petroleum jelly or a very moisturizing bar with a little color. Since if we use strong color and the bar does not have the necessary hydration, it can be quartered. So it will look much worse. The same happens with the pencil, which will be badly painted, to lines or cracks as we indicate. So, it is preferable that you take a little care before moving on to make up your lips.lips

Do not choose the tone that suits you

We must always choose a hue that favors our skin. But at the same time, let it be in accordance with the lipstick itself. You should always combine two very similar shades of the same color. More than anything to be able to give a little depth to our lips and make them look fleshier when painting them. If you have a very clear skin tone, a pink touch may be your best allies. While if your color is darker, then you can opt for slightly stronger shades so that they stand out and highlight your mouth.

Beware of profiling too much!

We have always heard that if we outline the lips, with a slightly external line, then they will look more fleshy. Yes, but without going over. That is, we must outline the lips so that we will draw them. We must not overdo and paint outside of them because it will be noticed. But we can draw that line just a little out, but little. The idea is to make the lips thicker, but for this, we must blur the result with the lipstick. Since the end is that the lipstick profiler is not noticed too much or that have we drawn it in an exaggerated way.

Be careful with the shape of your lips

As we have said, it is true that depending on the layout as well as the color was chosen for it, you can leave us bigger or smaller lips. We don’t want to change their nature in a radical way, just give them help. That is why if you want to see your mouth finer, and then bet on the matte tones. While gloss finishes will make your lips look thicker.