There are many anti-cellulite exercises that we can find. But without a doubt. We will focus on all those who really are effective to say goodbye to the orange peel. Because in most of the occasions it is not so easy to make it disappear, as we could believe.

There are many factors why cellulite can appear. Some are hormonal, poor diet or little physical exercise, among others. Therefore, we will start by activating our body with a series of exercises against cellulite that accumulates especially in the area of the buttocks, thighs or abdomen. Not forgetting that 20 minutes of the cardio session is very important at the same time as a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and lots of water.

Exercises against cellulite, squats

Without a doubt, they are classic loved and hated in equal parts. Squats have to be part of our routine and that is why in many classes of directed activities, they are the order of the day. Today we will do them comfortably in our house. As we know, they also have their variations and we are going to take advantage of them.

We stand up, with our feet a little apart and our backs straight. We went down bending knees as if we were going to sit in a chair and when getting up we put on tiptoe. That is, we raise heels. We make a total of 8 repetitions.

we can alternate a normal squat and then, stretching a leg.

We take the opportunity to do repetitions of strides, which are always perfect to keep our legs strong and with them, tone the skin.

Leg Lift

Another one of the perfect exercises against cellulite is this one. It’s about putting us on the floor in quadrupeds. We try to keep the trunk straight and support ourselves or with our hands or forearms. The knees glued to the ground. There we begin to breathe and stretch back one leg. You will hold it up for a few seconds before returning to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 10 times with each leg. Another version of the leg is that, instead of lifting it, we will take it to the opposite side. For example, you raise your right leg just a little and take it to the left side. But without forcing, because you can hurt yourself and without displacing the pelvis.Leg lift

Bridge to strengthen glutes and abductors

The exercise of the bridge is very simple. Although we are going to complicate it slightly. It’s about lying on your back. The hands-on both sides of the body and the legs bent but with the feet supported. We will begin to elevate the hip and trunk, vertebra to vertebra until we are supported by the soles of the feet and on the scapulae. But to make it more complicated but efficient, there is another version. We will do the same steps but with a ball or gymnastic ball between the legs. When climbing, we will squeeze lightly. Remember to hold your breath in each movement.

Exercise with weights

We do not have to put up with much weight. It is best to start with little and adapts it to our rhythm. We stand with our legs well stretched, just like the body. We hold the weights with our hands and we lean forward and down. No need to force or stretch much, just keep your legs straight. Repeat five times.Side kicks


You know perfectly this exercise and even being of the basic ones, it is also very efficient. We lay on the ground but on the side. With one hand, we hold the head and keep the legs together and stretched. Now, we have to lift the leg that is up and down. Repeat five times and then, you raise your leg and circle the air with it. Not too big but well marked, for about 10 seconds.

Exercises for arms

We can not forget the exercises against cellulite in the arms. For this, we need some dumbbells or dumbbells. One of the simplest is to stand up, with your arms stuck and go up to the chest and then go down. You can do three series with about 15 repetitions in each one. Then, you raise your arms to the head and let the weights fall towards the nape area, that is, backward. Simple ways to tone the body and eliminate orange peel!

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