Surely at some point in your life, you have stuck a splinter. It is a piece of wood, glass or even metal that can be embedded in the skin. Do you want to know how to get a splinter? The truth is that it is a matter of something habitual and it does not hurt that we know how to act in case it happens to us.

We will notice it because, with only the rubbing of the skin, it will hurt. It is quite annoying, we know, and even painful in some cases. Therefore, we need to act as soon as possible. It is true that when it comes to a large splinter, it is best to consult the doctor and have him remove it, to avoid greater evils.

How to remove a splinter with pin or pliers

Two of the instruments that we are going to need when removing a splinter are both the tweezers and a pin. It will always depend on the size of the chips as well as the way it is buried. Before proceeding to the extraction, you should always wash your hands well as well as the area of skin surrounding the splinter.

You will wash with soap and water, drying well. Then, we will sterilize the utensil we use, that is, both the tweezers and the pin. We will do it with the help of some alcohol and soak it in it. Try to always have good lighting before starting. If there is a thin layer of skin before reaching the splinter, we will have to remove it slightly with the pin or needle. Don’t worry because it won’t hurt. When the splinter is already visible, we remove it with the tweezers. If you see that everything is removed, perfect, but if it breaks it is better to see a doctor.splinter

Splinter adhesive tape

Another of the effective steps we can take to remove a splinter is with adhesive tape. Of course, for this, the chips have to be much thinner. That is, those that come from plants, for example. In this case, it will be even simpler than the previous step. Of course, remember to always wash the surroundings of the area as well as your hands. Then, you will cut a piece of duct tape and stick it on the splinter. Do not press too hard because the splinter could stick more. So, once the tape is stuck, remove it in the same direction that the splinter is nailed and it will surely stick to it.

How to heal the splinter wound

If we already have the splinter out, it’s good news. But now there is the part where we must take care of or treat the wound. It is not usually too big, so in a couple of days, we won’t even remember it. Still, what we have to do is that, once the splinter is removed, we need to clean the area well.

To do this, nothing likes placing it under some warm water. In this way, we will be saying goodbye to any possible bacteria that have settled in the area. Sometimes it may bleed a little but it is very light. Of course, if you notice that it’s going to be more, then you should consult a doctor. You can also apply some antibacterial cream that will be recommended in the pharmacy.

To prevent bacteria from coming from different sites, it is not too much to bandage the affected area. To do this with a little gauze or tape we will have enough. Of course, many of us opt for life-long strips, who take us out of great trouble. Now you know how to act and how to heal a wound caused by splinters. Has it ever happened to you?

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