As a method of democratization, health blogs provide great benefits when applied to health care. A series of general features such as interaction, loyalty, and diversity.

Health Blog’s Features

The socialization of the web brings with the new look and involvement of the relationship between users. But blogging that any important publisher format Web 2.0 should choose.

The term is a derivative of the original weblog, in turn, the sum of the web (network) + log (daily) words.

Blogs are displayed as a private online publication on the blog. Where people have written about their personal life and with a very characteristic format, entries or articles are published with relative frequency and shown in the opposite sequential order.

This blog is a democratic tool that connects to the network through which communication channels are likely to open, which can share their knowledge all over the world.

Today the blog has become a huge form. It has reached all areas of health and sectors, thanks to the features that it defines. It creates a very shiny and dynamic communication and communication medium.