The aloe vera is a natural ingredient that both can be consumed as beverages use externally on the skin. It is normally used for sensitive skin since it has high calming power, but aloe vera has many other uses that may be interesting. For example, use aloe vera to fight wrinkles on the skin.

The aloe vera for wrinkles is an idea that many people use because it is respectful of all skin types and in addition to skin care helps this stay healthy. But there are several ways to apply aloe to combat these signs of expression on the skin.

Basic care

Fighting wrinkles does not only depend on the use of ingredients such as aloe vera. In the day to day, we must take a series of basic care to help us keep these wrinkles and signs of expression at bay. You have to use moisturizers for every type of skin every day, quality makeup and always remove makeup at the end of the day. Also in food is an important part of the anti-wrinkle power, so you have to incorporate foods with antioxidants, fruits with vitamin C that activates collagen and drink water daily to keep the skin hydrated.

Properties of aloe veraProperties of aloe vera

Aloe vera or Aloe Vera has a gel inside its leaves that is what is used to take advantage of the properties of the plant. There are drinks that contain aloe vera to be able to consume it directly, with benefits such as controlling blood pressure or ending up with gastric discomfort. In the skin, the gel is used directly to fight wrinkles, clean the skin and also in irritated skin and with problems such as eczema, since it relieves them a lot.

Aloe vera as a maskAloe vera as a mask

An aloe vera mask for the face can be made directly with the aloe vera gel. This gel is used on the skin and left to act to clean and moisturize it. If we want to add some properties to the anti-wrinkle power of aloe vera we can always mix other ingredients, such as brown sugar to gently exfoliate sensitive skin, or olive oil, which helps us to moisturize. If we mix the aloe with milk or strawberries we will have a mask that will help us to combat the spots on the skin.

When making a mask with aloe we can use the plant if we have it at home, cutting some leaves and extracting the gel. However, in the herbalists, we also have a way of finding products that use aloe vera gel to care for the skin.

Aloe vera tonerAloe vera toner

We can create simple cosmetics at home with basic ingredients. In this case, we can make an aloe vera tonic that helps us cleanse the skin and reduce the signs of expression. You only have to mix aloe vera with rose water to have a tonic that is perfect for the most sensitive skins, those that sometimes do not find suitable cosmetics for the skin of this type. This skin tonic can be applied with cotton or with a spray bottle.

Aloe vera in the eye area

Aloe vera is a very good ingredient for our skin, so it is also recommended for the area around the eyes, a very sensitive part that is not worth anything. To avoid the dreaded crow’s feet and small wrinkles that appear in this area before any other, we can apply the gel directly on the skin leaving it to act.

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