If you find a way to increase your energy you will mark the difference between your well-being and the fatigue of raising your children. It is in the nature of parenting that the pleasures and joys of earlier become stress and anxiety … frustrations can consume a great deal of physical, mental and emotional energy. It is in your power to increase energy and make a difference in your well-being and how you treat your children.

Be the best version of yourself

Sometimes, when parents are stressed, they can treat their children in a more negative way than if they feel good about themselves and the environment. If you are inside your wellness area you will be the best version of yourself, but of course, you must be at that point to achieve it. This area is also known as a “resilience zone” or “tolerance window”. In this area you will feel good and happy; will be calm and connected with others.

You will feel that you can face the ups and downs of life. You will tune in with your children and you will recover from setbacks. If things get difficult you will find easier ways to face your challenges. In this wellness area, you will always be the best version of yourself.your children

The reason for this increased capacity is that our brain works better when we are relaxed and feel good. We have better access to the most evolved parts of the brain. Which helps us think intelligently and creatively and make better decisions. On the contrary, when we are outside of our wellness zone, we feel overwhelmed, out of control or upset. We are inundated with stress hormones and the primitive parts of the brain take control to offer urgent survival responses, such as fight or flight.

Parents can recognize this in outbursts shouted with fury, such as: “I’ve had enough of this! Go to your room!’ ‘Stop or there is no iPad for a week!’ Or maybe even hit a child or attack with insults. From the point of view of our brain, when we feel this way. It cancels our rational intelligence, as well as our ability to think creatively, see the larger picture and respond from a place of love.

Sometimes, our angry reaction helps make things happen or our message arrives. But all too often, when they feel pushed to the limit. Parents may feel agitated, helpless and regretful of their actions. Simply put, when we have a strong relationship with our wellness area. We become better parents and healthier minds and bodies.

Unfortunately, the rigors, not only of raising children but also of demanding and accelerated modern life. Meaning that many of us find ourselves outside the welfare zone more often than we should … We can connect and strengthen our area of well-being and resilience deliberately making things help us feel good. Find a moment to meditate and you will get to be more often in this area of well-being so important for you and your family.