Get Thorbjorg Hafsteinsdottir’s recipe for a healthy sysir that boosts your skin from the inside.

That beauty comes from within is something that many worry about. We believe in a good mix of inner and outer care and getting well treated well. It does nutrition therapist and yoga teacher, Thorbjorg Hafsteinsdottir, who is an incarnated shake fan, because they do not take the time to cook, are super healthy and taste mega food.

One of the favorites is her health sysir, which can be enjoyed as breakfast, after yoga or as an afternoon nutrition

– It sounds all your cells, strengthens the connective tissue and boosts your skin tight, beautiful and healthy with collagen and active beauty-promoting substances from green tea, orange, and beetroot, she says about the drink.

– If the skin is dry and tired, it loses its excitement and glows. This drink is therefore very good for helping the skin on its way. It does not contain sugar, gluten or milk and can be enjoyed in connection with all forms of physical activity.

Recipe for Thorbjorg’s healthy sysir

  • 2 dl almond milk or coconut
  • 1 dl orange or pineapple juice
  • 1 dl reddish juice or 2 tablespoons reddish crystals
  • 1/2 tablespoon freshly grated ginger or 2 teaspoons ginger powder
  • 2 measuring dishes Amino Marine Collagen powder from Feel Iceland
  • Available in Magazine • 1 spark linseed oil
  • 1 letter Green Tea Extract powder from egg Acti Green
  • 1 banana

Bring it all in a blender and run for a couple of minutes.


The recipe for the health sysir is from Thorbjorg Hafsteinsdottir’s book, “My Yoga: Nutrition for Body and Soul,” FADL’s Publishing.