Brown rice is another way to consume this cereal by adding more values to the body. It is ideal to take regularly or change the white rice version of our diet.

This rice does not contain gluten so it is allergic to gluten; it is a recommended food for those who follow a vegetarian diet, macrobiotics and for the rest of the population.

Characteristics of brown rice

The difference compared to white rice and brown rice, is that the first of these has gone through a process of refinement to remove the bran. It is the brown layer that contains the vast majority of the nutrients in this cereal.

Brown rice has more nutrients, values in fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that give better benefits than its “white” version.

Brown rice can be obtained and consumed in the same way as white rice, and then we tell you how versatile this rice is.

Inflated grains for breakfast. You can find the whole inflated rice and eat it for breakfast. Make whole bars with rice or mix those flakes with yogurt or a vegetable drink.

Swap the white rice in your meals for the integral. In recipes such as paella, baked rice, chicken curry, and Cuban rice or garnish any dish.

Add a few flakes of rice to your soups so that the increase of properties to the organism is greater and more beneficial.

Properties of brown rice

One way to give your dishes greater properties is to add a serving of brown rice. Easy to cook and very beneficial. Then we tell you some of those benefits that we find inside.

Help to lose weight

This food has a lot of fiber and helps to have good intestinal transit, prevents occasional constipation and improves our digestions. Our belly will be less swollen and will keep a flat abdomen.

In addition, sates more than white rice, so we will not have the temptation to snack between meals, it is a satisfying food.

Rich in antioxidants

The antioxidants that give us combat the free radicals responsible for aging. Its composition of vitamins, minerals added to these antioxidants make it a food that we should all consume more.

It contributes selenium and makes us more fertile

The selenium acts as an activator of fertility. Our hormones will stabilize and work better, without the need for any medication. As for all those couples seeking to bring the world a baby, they can increase the consumption of brown rice to improve their selenium levels.

Increase our energy

Its high levels of manganese, makes us feel the better mood, more energetic and reduce the accumulated fatigue.

Our vitality will increase, so it is advisable to consume it during the first hours of the morning so that during the day we have the necessary energy to meet the workday, our studies or be better athletes.

How to cook brown rice

Brown rice keeps all the bran, vitamins and all the characteristics of the cereal. Its cooking is slower than white rice, but to take it into account there is no problem since it is cooked in the same way. The amount of water will be increased since during the cooking time, as it is more extensive, water evaporates more.

Steps you must follow to get the best result

1. Clean the rice until the water comes out clean and not cloudy. You can place the dose of rice that you are going to cook in a colander and wash it until the water is clear.

2. Add in a pot of water, 3 measures of water for one of rice. Heat the measured water with a little sea salt.

3. When it breaks to boil the water, let it cook on high heat for 5 minutes, then lower the heat to the minimum and cover the pot. This is important because if you do not cover the pot, the water will escape and the rice will not be made well, leaving it a little raw. It must be well cooked so that it is beneficial and we have correct digestion.

4. When the cooking is over and the water has evaporated, turn off the heat and let the rice stand in the pot for 5 minutes before pouring it into the chosen dish. The rice will be ready for consumption.

Enjoy brown rice, you can make many recipes and increase the health of the body. The good thing about this rice is that we can find it in all the supermarkets, the big rice has listened to the demand of the consumers and has taken many versions of the brown rice.

You can select round, thin, long, basmati or flavored rice. You have no excuse to choose the one you like the most and prepare it next time.

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