Care for sensitive teeth. The sensitive teeth are very common, as there are many people who suffer this problem. It is commonly called that type of teeth in which we feel pain when taking very cold or very hot things. Also when we have sensitivity in the gums and it hurts us to floss or brush our teeth. If we get to this situation we should start worrying about our teeth. Although it is not always because of bad care since there are people more prone than others.

We must know the causes that lead to having sensitive teeth and try to take maximum care of the teeth, as it will accompany us throughout life. They can be prevented and care can also be taken if our teeth are sensitive at this time.

Why we have sensitive teethsensitive teeth

On the dentin, there are layers of enamel and in the area of the gums layers of cement. Which protect this dentine. When it is exposed is when people feel pain, because of the lack of protection with enamel causes these sensations to reach the nerves, producing pain.

There are some causes that increase the likelihood of suffering this problem from sensitive teeth. The disease of the gums that produces the recession of these and the exposure of the root. Diseases such as bulimia that end with enamel, a poor quality enamel, worn fillings or enamel wear by acidic drinks and poor care. There may be many other causes and that sensitivity may also appear and disappear over time.

How to prevent dental sensitivitydental sensitivity

This problem can be prevented in many cases. It is important to avoid acidic foods that can abrade the enamel. You also have to brush with a soft brush for two minutes after each meal and floss. These simple cares are basic to maintain adequate health in our teeth, not only for tooth sensitivity. Whitening or the use of whitening products can also cause the teeth to become much more sensitive. Therefore, before carrying out any treatment. We should consult with the dentist to know the possibilities of suffering from this problem.

Care for sensitive teethCare for sensitive teeth

The sensitive teeth should take care of daily. It is important to use specific toothpaste for this problem, as it contains substances that make the teeth less sensitive to those sensations that are transmitted by the nerve. It must be used with some frequency to notice the change in sensitive teeth.

The fluoride gel is a technique that is used on the teeth and helps lose that sensitivity, strengthening the enamel. It must be done in a dentist and help when there is sensitivity recurrently. It can help us more quickly to end tooth sensitivity.Care for sensitive teeth

On the other hand, if the teeth are sensitive it may be because we have a broken tooth or because we need new fillings, because some may have broken down. In these cases, we should go to a dentist to tell us where the problem that causes this tooth sensitivity is. If they are fillings we will have to renew them and if there is a broken tooth it must be fixed.

If the pain or sensitivity continues and has to do with caries problems so that the pain reaches the nerve. We must cover other possibilities. One of those recommended if the pain does not stop after trying several things is the endodontics, but it must be one of the last resources. Hence, we must make consultations with several dentists before deciding on one technique or another.

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