Undoubtedly, we have a wide variety of deodorants in the market. Therefore, in addition to the perfumes themselves, also their finishes and ways of application can generate certain doubts. Deodorant spray or roll on They are two of the great options that we have at our disposal.

Both have great advantages and that is why today we will highlight each of them. Surely all the options have been in your beauty kit. Since we try to find the best for our skin. Therefore, you should know all the positive things that the deodorant spray brings us and also the roll on.

Deodorant spray, its advantages, and disadvantages

We know that one of the most used options is deodorant spray. It is used by many people and is that they tend to refresh the skin, especially on hot days. In addition, they have a higher concentration of perfume. But yes, they usually have alcohol which will cause it to cause stinging on the most sensitive skin or that is newly shaved, so we must be very careful. We also have to know that it respects the environment very little, due to the composition it has. Of course, as advantages, it is true that it quickly dries on the skin and adds a great fragrance.

Is the roll on deodorant better?

This type of roll on deodorant is always in contact with the skin, so it should always be used by one person. Unlike the deodorant spray that does not touch it so directly. It is true that we also have the problem that sometimes they can get to stain clothes. Since the amount to leave can vary and this does not dry as fast as it happens with the previous one. Although it is true that it also allows us to enjoy great smells. What we usually like is that after applying it we notice how hydration is present in the armpits, although as we have said it does not evaporate so quickly.

Deodorant or antiperspirant?

If we have more options than we sometimes believe. Maybe we do not repair as much in some as in others, but there they are. So it’s always good to know them. Deodorants will always try to neutralize odors. Since they have a strong enough perfume to carry it out. But you have to be clear that they disguise the smell but they do not prevent it, that is, they can not make a kind of barrier. While the antiperspirant itself can get to block the sweat and therefore, the smell of it. Therefore, its effect usually lasts several hours more. Although it is true that when the skin is very sensitive, we must be careful with antiperspirants to avoid irritation.

What deodorant do I choose?

As we are seeing, it is not a question too simple to be able to answer. Since everything will depend on the needs of each one, as well as the type of skin. That is why when we have very sensitive skin then it is better to avoid the deodorant spray. More than anything for the ingredients it contains, although it is true that in recent times, it seems that they are changing. When we perspire a lot, antiperspirants are not recommended because they make a kind of layer on the skin that does not let you breathe too much. So, the truth is that the roll on deodorant is one of the best options that we have at our disposal. It is true that as we have been commenting, it is always better to try since each person and each skin is totally different from the previous one. It is an option that has large components that allow the skin to breathe and that takes care of it while giving it a great aroma.

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