Dandruff can become a chronic problem since it is produced by a microorganism that we all have on the scalp. Some people suffer from dandruff at times of stress and others during stages such as adolescence. Other people suffer from this problem continuously, with better or worse stages. However, there are many ways to fight dandruff at home.

Discover how to remove dandruff in various ways, as this problem can continue and become very annoying. Not only is it an aesthetic problem, but we are also facing a skin problem that can be aggravated, creating irritations or hair loss.

Apple vinegarapple vinager

Apple cider vinegar is used many times in the hair. It is a good product to shine hair, but it also helps us to fight dandruff. The vinegar helps the Ph of the scalp to balance, ending the production of the microorganism thanks to its acid. To use it we must have a sprayer. Vinegar mixed with water is used and put in the sprayer. It is applied on the scalp giving a light massage to act and penetrate well. It is left all night and in the morning we will wash our hair as usual. There is also someone who uses it as a conditioner after each wash, spraying a little vinegar on the hair.

Coconut oilCoconut oil

For those scalps that have a tendency to dry and have dandruff, coconut oil is a great solution. This oil hydrates deeply but without leaving a greasy sensation. It can be used before each wash giving a light massage on the entire scalp and extending towards the tips, as this way we can hydrate all the hair. We let act for half an hour by wrapping the hair in a towel and then wash the hair as usual. This will help us to combat the peeling of dandruff.

Tea tree essential oil

This oil has been a great discovery since only a few years ago it was not well known. It is an essential oil that has great antibacterial power, so it helps to fight against this microorganism that produces dandruff on our scalp. The essential oils should be used only with a few drops. A good idea is to add a few drops to the usual shampoo. In this way, it will be very easy to use and will help us to fight dandruff daily with each wash. This essential oil can also be mixed with a mask that we do to moisturize or care for the scalp so that it offers its antibacterial properties to that mask.

Sodium bicarbonate

Bicarbonate is another great solution for multiple problems and we always recommend it for many home beauty remedies. In the subject of dandruff, bicarbonate can also help balance the scalp. The bicarbonate can be mixed with bottled water to create a paste. This paste can be used on the scalp massaging very lightly. We let act a few minutes and then rinse and wash the hair. We can do this process before washing, to get rid of dandruff when we have an outbreak.


The amla is a plant used to care for the hair and scalp. It is very effective to eliminate dandruff or eczema in people who have skin problems. This amla is sold in powder, shampoo or oil. There are some products that carry it but it is best to use it in powder, in pure amla. This powder mixed with water becomes a paste-like mud that can be applied directly to the scalp as if it were a mask to leave on.

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