First of all, we must remember that any diet is something that has repercussions on our body. If this is in perfect condition we will not have any problem, but if it is a person with a health problem there may be problems. That is why before carrying out any Dissociated diet we should always consult with a general practitioner.

This time we are going to talk about one of the most popular diets there is, called the dissociated diet. This diet focuses mainly on consuming food in groups, avoiding eating some together and taking certain groups at certain times. Let’s see a little more in detail what the dissociated diet consists of.

Food groupsFood groups

The most important thing about the dissociated diet is that in it the foods are classified in well-differentiated groups. In the dissociated diet the important thing is the combinations of foods to get the body to burn the calories in a much more efficient way. In this diet, there are five large food groups.carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have flour, pasta, rice, legumes, and soy. We have a section for fruits, another for fats, where are for example olive oil and nuts, another for protein and in the last put all kinds of vegetables. When we have a clear idea of which group to put each food in, we can begin to make the diets by dissociating the food. In general, it is usually divided into proteins, carbohydrates and neutral foods in which both fruits and good fats and vegetables are included.

In this diet, it is forbidden to mix carbohydrates with other foods that are considered neutral or with proteins. Among the premises are not to join hydrates with proteins, proteins with fats and fruits that are acidic with other sweet ones like grapes. Nor can you mix different types of hydrates with each other.

Today’s food

In this diet, there are some basic premises that must be followed since food groups must be ingested at certain times of the day for our body to function more efficiently. The fruit should only be consumed during breakfast and mid-morning. The nuts should be taken mid-morning or in the snack, but without mixing with the fruit. Carbohydrates are reserved for mid-morning and lunchtime, never at dinner. Protein is stored for dinner.

Pros and cons of the dietdiet

This diet has some positive and other negative things. One of its disadvantages is that by not talking about quantities, but only food groups, there is someone who can exceed the time to eat, which would not achieve the goal of losing weight. It does not have a scientific basis for which it has been criticized a lot since there is really no evidence that it is efficient at the time of making us lose weight. In addition, allowing only certain foods may be monotonous and a boring diet makes us soon fall back into the rebound effect if we return to the usual diet.

The positive point is that it is an easy diet to follow when having clear and simple premises. By grouping food into meals or days we will always eat less because we will not want more of the same at that time. In this diet foods that are unhealthy are eliminated, so we will finally be making a diet based on natural foods, which are good for the body. If we consume these foods in moderation it is clear that we can eat well and in a healthy way.