When the areas of the body are unmarked by having more sensitive skin, certain problems can come. One of them is eczema on the eyelid since this place is quite delicate. Therefore, it is not surprising that the dermatitis is focused on him, leaving us a great discomfort that we must solve.

It must be said that eczema on the eyelid is something quite more common than we think. We will notice it by its redness as well as the itch that causes us. Hence, we should not wait much longer to treat it. We explain all the causes and how we should stop this type of eczema!

What is eczema on the eyelid?

Eczema or dermatitis can become a chronic disease. So we would not be surprised if it came out again and again. It will appear in the form of itching and also irritation, which will lead us to notice much drier skin. Both children and adults can suffer from this type of problem. In addition to the area of the eyelid, it can also appear on the part of the scalp or on the ears; although today we focus on eczema on the eyelid.eyelid

The causes of eczema on the eyelid

As we have said, the skin is very delicate and thin in this area of the body. In addition to just having fat if it carries many blood vessels, so it is not surprising that the eyelid can have all kinds of injuries. We can say that one of the main causes of this problem is having more sensitive skin. Therefore, some type of cream or even makeup can accelerate the process. In the same way, the contact of this area with chlorine or certain soaps will also enhance it.

The first symptoms

The first symptoms and the most common eczema in the eyes are itching and also tearing. Little by little this will lead us to have the skin drier and as such, to the feeling of it. Due to all this, the redness of the area will also be present and all this causes great discomfort every day. It can occur in both one and both eyes, a few days after they have been in contact with the substance that triggered it.

Treatment for eczema of the eyelids

We must keep the area always clean. Hence, we need to wash the eyelids well with water, but without rubbing, but gently. In the same way, we will dry them with a clean cloth that does not irritate us. Try to touch the area as little as possible, so as not to make it worse. If you already have the area quite dry, then apply a moisturizer, avoiding contact with the eye. For the relief of itching, you can make loaded chamomile and when it is warm; you can put some cotton discs in it and place them on the eyelid. Close your eyes and rest a few minutes until they cool completely. If all this does not alleviate, it is time to go to the doctor who will prescribe a cream of corticosteroids or antihistamines to take orally.

Can it be prevented?

When we talk about something chronic it is complicated that it can be prevented at all. But we will always have in our hands a few steps to follow. Having always clean the area, apply moisturizer and avoid scratching is always helpful. Try washing your hands whenever you have been with a substance that can cause allergies. It is best to always wash with a neutral soap, avoiding other types of products that are not so natural. If you use makeup, try to bet on those intended for sensitive skin.

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