Many times we wonder if it is good to take fruits alone. That is, without having to go with other foods. To begin, it must be said that fruits should always be in a balanced diet. Of course, sometimes we will have to make a selection of them to avoid accumulating much fructose. Which is the natural sugar of fruits.

Broadly speaking, we know that fruits are one of the most complete foods. Since without realizing it they contain anti-aging, regenerating properties and will provide us with many nutrients. That is why it is important to know how to combine them well so that our body is steeped in all its virtues and we have better digestion. Do not miss what’s next!

Is eating fruit alone beneficial?

You are right. When we want to consume fruits we can take a plate of them, without having to mix them with yogurt, cereals or other foods. It is best to dedicate a small space, take them calmly to be able to take advantage of their great virtues. As the vast majority of fruits are digested correctly and quickly. Therefore, it is always better to wait a few minutes before taking another food, after having eaten them.

It is true that we are used to taking fruit in the morning but in combination with another breakfast where there is more food. The combination of all this may not be very beneficial for our digestions. This does not mean that you are going to notice it at the moment nor the next day but in the long run. Therefore, before it happens, we must take fruits alone and learn to combine them, which is another fundamental step.

How should I combine the fruits?

It is a very extensive topic but we are going to focus on the fundamental:

  • Sweet fruits: banana, dates, figs, raisins, persimmon, grapes.
  • Semi-sweet: apple, papaya, pears.
  • Acid fruits: blueberries, lime, lemon, pineapple, strawberries, pomegranate, tangerine
  • Semi-acidic: kiwi, plum.

Starting from the most basic fruits or that we usually take, each one of them goes inside a group. Therefore, we should not take them at random, but knowing well what we are combining. That is why a sweet fruit will go perfectly with a semi-sweet. Similarly, an acid can be taken with a semi-acid. But we will try not to mix the latter with the sweets. But remember that you should not mix more than three at the same time. This is to not burden our digestion or our stomach a lot. But if one day you feel like it, nothing bad will happen to give you that caprice. You can take the fruits alone or, liquefy them and drink the juice.

The importance of acid fruits

Although we have commented that fruits are basic in our diet, we also want to mention the importance of acidic ones. Although all are vital, the acid ones have depurative properties. So much so that they are perfect to take in the morning, since they will activate a great cleansing in your body. But not only that, but they will protect you from diseases, thanks to the contribution of vitamin C they have.

When is it more advisable to consume fruits?

We have already commented that in the morning is one of the best times to take the fruits alone. Because they will help us protect our defenses as they begin a cleanup process. If you prefer to take them at night, remember that it is always better to choose apples or mangoes that will always make us feel better. Also, in this part of the day, it is better not to opt for the sweeter ones. While in the afternoon, we will focus on an extra supply of water. So both the watermelon and the melon will be perfect. The latter does not fall into a single category because taking them alone also shows us many benefits.