Discover with us what are the 8 basic rules for healthy and correct nutrition, what is better to eat, what is the best example of eating behavior to follow to stay fit and, above all, healthy!

The health passes above all by a ‘ healthy diet. Find out right away with us the 8 rules for healthy eating. You will find many suggestions on what to eat, what should never be missing in your weekly menu and what the best example of the proper eating behavior is we leave immediately:

1. Healthy and correct nutrition: try not to eat too much

It is a matter of habit: the fewer calories you take a day, the more your body will feel light. But you must be very careful to consume the right amount of nutrients essential for your body. Have you ever heard of the fasting diet? It seems that it is also a useful diet in preventing cancer, in line with the fight that is carrying out the AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research):

Assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables

2. Consume more fruit and vegetables for a healthy and correct diet!

Consuming fruit and vegetables in abundant quantities is essential for proper nutrition. The recommended dose is four servings of vegetables and one of fruit. And always be careful to choose them according to seasonality, so that they are fresh and genuine.

3. What to eat for a healthy and correct diet? Many legumes!

Legumes are a real panacea for our body. They provide a high quantity of vegetable proteins which, unlike animals, are lighter to assimilate, they do not strain in the liver. They also help reduce cholesterol and release blood from fat.

legume, bean, food, bowl, ingredient

4. An example of healthy and correct nutrition? You prefer the white meat in your weekly menu

To eat healthily, try to reduce the consumption of red meat or sausages and preserved meat, preferring white meat instead Chicken or turkey, on the contrary for example beef or pork, have a preventive power against tumors. Find out right away what other foods are used in the fight against cancer:

5. For a healthy and correct diet choose whole grains

Pasta and bakery products are always preferable to choose wholemeal products made with refined flours. The fibers contained in wholemeal flour are very useful for the body, increase the sense of satiety (helping us to lose weight faster) and promote intestinal transit. Seeing believes!

Wholemeal bread with sunflower seeds. Dark light.

6. In your weekly menu, never miss fish for healthy eating!

Doctors recommend consuming at least four servings of fish a week. This is because the fish is very rich in iron, omega 3 and is low in saturated fats. It is, therefore, an excellent alternative to the consumption of meat, a source of protein and good fats. And more, it’s really delicious!

Grilled gilthead seabream with mixed rosemary vegetables served on an oval white fish plate

7. Healthy and correct nutrition limits the consumption of sugars and salt

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For a healthy diet, you must avoid in any way an excessive consumption of sugars, especially refined ones. Limit sweets, especially if they are not homemade and it is junk-food and be careful with carbonated drinks. Even excessive consumption of salt can be just as harmful… the important thing is not to overdo it!

high-angle shot of a wooden table sprinkled with sugar where you can read the text no sugar and a spoon full of sugar

8. For proper nutrition avoid condiments and tip on extra virgin olive oil

There is nothing better than extra virgin olive oil to season your dishes. Try not to use animal fats and to prefer extra virgin olive oil which, among the many qualities, lowers cholesterol, helps pressure, is an anticancer and has excellent digestive properties. Try to choose it always biological.

Bottle pouring virgin olive oil in a bowl close up