Surely you are already a little tired of seeing how the circles under your eyes always go with you everywhere. It is true that the appearance of the same may be for disparate reasons. These alterations that appear under the eyes, with a change of color may be genetic or, for more specific issues. How to remove dark circles?

Without a doubt, it is one of those questions that many people ask themselves and that they do not always get the best answers. Well, we are going to talk about those tricks that, perhaps, are not the best known. But of course they have an incredible result in dark circles and that, we must try it. Do you dare?

How do they remove their ears? With cream for hemorrhoids

Not only do we say it but it is one of the tricks of the famous. Some of them have confessed it publicly. For example, Sandra Bullock has mentioned it on more than one occasion. It seems that the actress is a simple trick and of course, very economical. In addition to saying goodbye to dark circles also reduces the bags which makes it almost essential. But like everything, it has its less positive part. Since the experts say that you have to be a little careful when it comes to a very fine or delicate skin. Since its components can cause slight irritation. Hence, it can not be used daily, only on specific occasions as the famous ones recognize.cream for hemorrhoids

Sliced cold cucumber

You’ve heard a lot of times and that cold cucumber is another of the best remedies for your skin. To see how the dark circles are removed, we just have to cut it into slices and store them in the fridge. Once they are cold, then we can place them over our eyes. Both its vitamin C and the caffeic acid it contains are essential to reduce swelling and forget the dreaded circles. But if we still want a more spectacular effect, we can bathe the slices of cucumber in cold milk, drain them a little and place them over the eyes.Egg whites

Egg whites about to snow

No, we’re not going to make any kind of cake with them. But it is that the clear ones to point of snow are also another one of the remedies for the dark circles. You can beat a single clear and you will have more than enough. Remember that they have vitamin B12, very essential to improve the circulation of the skin.

The mix of tomato and parsley

As we all know, tomatoes are perfect to eliminate skin spots, while parsley gives us luminosity. So, we are facing two great remedies to say goodbye to dark circles forever. In this case, we should take a bunch of parsley and tomato. Cut the tomatoes into pieces and add the parsley to the blender to create a paste. When we have it, we just need to soak cotton with it and place it on the dark circles. It is best to rest for half an hour and then remove with water, you will notice the change!

Quick tricks on how dark circles are removed

We all know them but it is also good to go putting them into practice every day. We should try to improve our rest and sleep the necessary hours, although it is not always easy. Whenever you can, rest on your back. Remember also that freezing two spoons of dessert and then placing them on the dark circles is also another essential step to lower the swelling. If you want to avoid fluid retention, which also occurs in an area like this, chew a little parsley on an empty stomach for a few minutes.

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