Whenever we talk about the food we say that there must be a balance and that everything in excess or defect can be harmful to us. Taking into account our state of health we should know that they will recommend us to take certain foods in a moderate way. Salt is one of them since you should not spend an amount a day to avoid health problems.

We are going to see what the consumption of salt gives us, which is also necessary and what should be the amount that we should not spend. All this must always be done taking into account the recommendations of doctors, as there are people who have to reduce even more the consumption of salt for health reasons. Consulting a professional will always be the best way to learn how to eat well.

Why do we need salt?salt

Salt is as it is commonly called sodium chloride, composed of sodium and chlorine. 40% is sodium and 60% of its composition is chlorine. We must know that sodium is very necessary for our diet, but that high salt intake can harm us too. Our body needs small amounts of sodium to function normally and perform certain functions.

The sodium is responsible for controlling the amount of water we have in the body maintaining the pH of the blood. It regulates fluids and helps the body stay hydrated by retaining water in cells. It is also necessary to help transmit nerve impulses and muscle relaxation. All these functions are performed properly if the amount of salt we take per day is recommended.

What happens if we take a lot of salt?salt

Drinking a lot of salt can be a problem for our health. In principle, we will notice the retention of liquids in the cells so that toxins accumulate and we feel swollen. But this retention also increases the amount of blood and the heart needs more pressure to pump it to the body. This is what causes hypertension to occur. Hypertensive people should control their salt intake a lot, as this problem increases.

Amount of salt per daysalt

The amount of salt per day may vary from one person to another because of their age, physical condition, and state of health since it is not the same for hypertensive or pregnant women. However, there is a quantity that is generally recommended according to WHO or World Health Organization. It is about the recommended 5 grams of salt, which would be no more than a small spoonful of a coffee spoon. This is the amount we should never spend, regulating more if we have a problem or lack. Although this should be checked in a medical review that tells us how we should consume the salt.

It is very important to ensure that it is iodized salt since iodine is also necessary to maintain our health. The lack of iodine in the body produces several disorders such as goiter, hypothyroidism, brain damage or congenital anomalies.

Daily dietdiet

In our diet, we should know that we not only consume the salt that we can put directly into the meals. There is also a percentage that is ingested from processed foods. They must be avoided in their great majority since they offer high amounts of salt. Sausages, preserves or cheeses also have their salt does. It is this type of food that has caused people to consume excessive salt without realizing it, damaging their health. That is why we always recommend taking natural foods.

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