Since we are immersed in the summer season, we must engage in it to the fullest, in order to take full advantage of it. That is why in this case we will get carried away by current makeup. A makeup that can always be improved with a summer touch that we will propose here.

Because color and brightness will be our best allies to enjoy more innovative and original makeup. If you want to break with the traditional steps and give it the summer touch you deserve, then enjoy the following trends that are already being seen and a lot.

Makeup with the neon trend

It is clear that neon colors are fashionable. We have seen them in fashion clothes and now, also in makeup. But yes, being quite intense colors, we need to be a little careful. Otherwise, we can ruin all the makeup in a matter of seconds. Therefore, the celebrities who have also opted for an idea like this only give it the touch of color in the area of the tear or, on the outside of the eye. But only in one of the two zones and always in a blurred way.

Full color delineated

Maybe it’s not something that is new, but whenever we mention it, we put a big smile on our face. Since as a rule, the delineated are always usually black or sometimes brown. But as we are adapting makeup to the joy of summer, then the color will be the dominant thing. You can choose a colored pencil to make intense eyeliner. Although you must remember that it is always better to give it the best role. To do this, we should not go with the colors of shadow. Moreover, we must make sure that we use soft tones, in mattes-like vanilla or very light brown. Now you can bet on the most colorful eyelids!

Eyelashes, also in color?

Well, if we have opted for a full-color outline, we can also combine it with mascara in different shades. A perfect way to change makeup and paying attention and also combining it with fashion clothes. That is why if you choose a blue pencil, bet on the mascara of equal tonality. The famous also bet on him and it is more, they add the water line in the same color as the mascara. Without a doubt, a great idea to combine with the most current garments.

Shadows and glitter

In addition to color, the touch of shine could not be missing in our current makeup. So, there are already many women who bet on a dose of glitter in the final result. Of course, for many, it may be somewhat awkward, but we will always know how to get the best out of it. That is why nothing likes applying a little glitter on the eyelid or under the bottom line of the eyelashes. In addition to giving the touch of brightness or color, it also allows us to enjoy a very summery and chic finish. Something we love to change the type of makeup as always.

Lips always protagonists in current makeup!

They could not be left behind and the lips also allow us to finish the look we are looking for. In this case, there are more options to choose from. On the one hand, deep red lips are always one of the great ideas to keep in mind. But on the other hand, we will not forget the nude and simple touches. It will always depend on our tastes, but also on the shadows and the style that we have chosen for them. If you opt for a simple outlined, then bet on very red lips and matte finish.