The mascara is a must in everyday makeup. The eyelashes take shape, stand out and lengthen with the mask, so it is a way to get a more striking and impressive look. However, you have to know how to apply the mascara and also take into account some interesting tricks to get the best effect.

The mascara has become a classic but if it is applied badly it can spoil all our makeup. The lumps, the spots around the eyes or a bunch of eyelashes give a bad effect to the look, so it is important to know how to apply the mask in the correct way.

Maskin good conditionmascara

The first thing to check when we are going to use mascara is that it is in good condition. If it is drying it will make lumps and it will be difficult to apply. In this case, we will have to change it. When removing the brush we will see in what state it is and if we need another one. Some people add a drop of natural oil to regain a more liquid texture and help moisturize the eyelashes.

Other utensils

If we have an old eyelash mask we can leave the brush so that this helps us when combing the eyelashes. It is a way to help separate them once we have applied the mask. There are also eyelash curlers, which are used before the mask to curl the eyelashes, and specific brushes to comb and separate them.

How to apply the mascara

The mascara should rotate inside the pot, you should never make a movement from top to bottom because we only make air enter and dry before. We must raise the chin and look down so that the tabs are in the best position to apply the mask.

The mask is applied in zigzag, not from inside to outside without more. If we apply it in zigzag we will achieve that the hairs are separated and that the mask is applied more evenly. Let it dry and then reapply one more hand of mascara to achieve a better effect on the eyes. Some masks have two brushes, one to prepare the eyelashes and the other to apply the color.

Ten hands always a cotton ball with a little makeup remover biphasic to remove errors or stains that may remain. Avoid looking up until it dries, because the eyelashes can touch the upper part of the eyelid staining the area, which will ruin the makeup.

As for the lower lashes, you can apply a mask or not. In general, we usually apply only a small hand or a touch to give them more color, especially if your eyelashes are clear. Do not apply too much or the effect is too dramatic. It is best to highlight only the tabs in the upper area.

Choose the mask

The shape of the mask has a lot to do with the effect we get on the eyelashes. The mask can be modified to a certain extent, but it is true that the brush can create one effect or another. If we want lashes that look thicker we have to use a brush that is also thick with abundant application bristles. If, on the other hand, we want the eyelashes to look much longer, what we have to do is buy a fine brush with the most separated bristles, which help to separate the eyelashes and lengthen them visually. There are more current brushes that are like a ball, which can be applied with greater precision. These masks are ideal if we have short eyelashes and we need to apply little by little by areas.

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