Whitening bleach armpits is a very simple technique to put into practice. Also, we’re just going to need a series of ingredients that we all have at home. Because as we usually say, we will always make use of home remedies, which come to help us on numerous occasions.

The darkening of the armpits can come for different reasons. The use of the blade as a method of hair removal as well as some deodorants or other products. In some cases, it can also arise from a hormonal problem, which we should consult with our doctor. Meanwhile, we leave you with these tricks and remedies.

Whiten the armpits with baking

One of the simplest remedies at the same time common is thanks to the bicarbonate. One of those products that should always be in our home because it leaves perfect solutions for both the beauty and cleanliness of our house. In this case, we will use it to whiten the armpits as well we are commenting. We use it mainly because it has bleaching ingredients, which is what we need in this case.baking

At the same time, it will also act as an exfoliant, which will cause us to say goodbye to the dead cells and we can see the skin much clearer. But without winding up, let’s see what we need to apply this remedy. We should mix a couple of heaping tablespoons of baking soda with the juice of a small lemon. We remove and obtain a kind of paste that we will apply in the armpits. Of course, remember that the skin must be clean. Once this is verified, we apply the paste and let stand for 12 minutes. Then, we can only remove it with plenty of water.

Make your own scrub

Perhaps it is not one of those remedies of immediate effect, but the truth is that it is also a step that we must take. A step that we have already mentioned before and that needs our attention. The skin must be well exfoliated to avoid certain problems in it. Once a week, it will be more than enough, so that we move away from the dead cells and avoid the encysted hairs. For this, you can try to make an exfoliant that has lemon juice, a little aloe vera to moisturize the area and of course, sugar. Of course, if you do not want to complicate yourself with a little moisturizer that does not contain alcohol and sugar; you will also create your own remedy.

Yogurt also serves to whiten the armpits

Whichever way you look at it, natural yogurt without sugar is another of the great remedies to lighten the armpits. Although in this case, we must say that it is also perfect for other areas such as knees or elbows. It has proteins and vitamins as well as bleaching properties, just what we need! Applying it is very simple since you only have to spread the yogurt by the armpits and wait around 20 or 25 minutes. You can take this opportunity to lie down and relax a bit while you wait for this remedy to take effect. Once the time has passed, all you have to do is remove it with water and that’s it.

Cucumber and lemon

For the most sensitive skins, cucumber can be a great ally. Of course, you can always add a little lemon. How? Because we are simply going to add a chopped and peeled cucumber to the blender. As we say, you can incorporate the juice of half a lemon. Once liquefied, we just have to apply this remedy through the armpits and let it rest for about 20 or 25 minutes. When the time has passed, we can only remove it with abundant water, as in the rest of the mentioned remedies. With a little patience and perseverance, we will notice how the armpits are softer, free of impurities and most importantly: whiter than expected. Have you tried any of the remedies?

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