Having dry feet is quite common since it is an area of our anatomy that suffers a lot, with its daily friction. The care of the feet can be very varied because not everyone suffers from the same problems. Dry feet are a fairly common problem that entails some problems, such as cracks, hardness, and dryness.

To care for and improve dry feet we must carry out a series of daily care. This care must be done constantly to keep the feet soft and hydrated. It is an area in which you can create friction and hardness, which suffers a lot throughout the day, so it is essential that they stay hydrated daily.

Treat the hardness of the feet

The hardness is formed by the constant rubbing in several areas of the foot. The skin in these cases becomes thicker and insensitive since it is dead skin. Withdrawing this hardness is essential to achieve soft and hydrated feet. Today you can find from files for hardness to devices that end with them in an effective and fast way. To get this hardness removed much better, it is necessary to soften them before. You can put your feet in a little warm water with mineral salts and drops of essential oil that will also provide a good smell.

Use the scrub

To avoid hardness on the feet you can use an exfoliation. This product must be specific for feet since the feet need a stronger scrub than for the face for example. When we are in the shower we can use it to provide a bit of softness daily. This is very important for those people who are going to run, walk a lot or spend a lot of time standing since the feet suffer much more.

Hydrate daily

The Hydration is really important to have softer feet. It is essential to use a foot cream, as they are much more moisturizing than those of the body. After the shower, you should moisturize the feet and put the socks so that the cream is absorbed well.

Moisturizing mask for the feetMoisturizing mask

Although we use the moisturizer daily, the truth is that you can use moisturizers to improve the feet. Using a very creamy cream at night wearing cotton socks is more than enough. Daily you can also use some natural products for the feet, such as honey, which is also antibacterial and always take care of the health of the feet in case we have cracks and can cause injuries.

Perform a foot massage

It is a good idea to perform a massage on the feet so that the moisturizer penetrates well into the tissues. This will also help us improve circulation in the area and relax.

Treats all areas

When caring for and treating the feet it is very important to take care of each space of them. It is usual to use moisturizer in a general way without taking into account the area of the fingers or nails. In these areas, the skin can also dry up. It is important to keep the areas between your fingers clean and dry, as this is where infections and problems can easily be created. On the other hand, you have to be careful with your nails. You have to avoid incarnation by cutting them straight. In addition, they should be hydrated while hydrating the rest of the foot. Always check the feet to see if we have any problems, such as fungus or dryness. Only then we can have healthy feet and cared for.

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