Curing toenail fungus can be a slower process than we think. But onychomycosis is a chronic infection that affects our nails and gives it a rather haggard appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent but if it is already late, then we propose a series of remedies.

Although the nail of the big toe is always the most affected by this problem, it does not mean that the others are left behind. Therefore, we must always be alert especially when we see how the nails tend to take a more yellowish color, thicken and are more prone to break. All this can make it clear that fungi have taken over them. Discover how you can put an end to it!

Symptoms of fungus on the toenails

As we have already indicated, some of the most frequent symptoms are quite simple to see. Therefore, as soon as we can appreciate some of them, we have to act quickly. It never hurts to consult with our doctor, as it will always give us the most successful treatments. But continuing with the symptoms, we will see how the nails have some yellow spots they appear in the form of stripes. Later, we will notice how the nails thicken and some also become much more fragile. Which can lead to break much more easily? When we have a more advanced level of infection, then we can lose the nail and the smell of it will be unmistakable. But as we say, we must act a lot before reaching this step!

Topical pharmacy treatments

One of the great remedies to cure toenail fungus, are the treatments that we will find in the pharmacy. It is true that despite being good, it will take us a while to see the results. Because the infection can continue for more than 8 weeks. We must arm ourselves with patience and not give up at any time. The solutions can be found in the form of spray and nail varnish. Yes, as if you were doing a perfect pedicure, but with another purpose. You should always follow the instructions on the package and the advice of your doctor.

Cure toenail fungus with home remedies

We also have the other side of the coin, which is always quite common. Apple cider vinegar is one of the most successful remedies. To do this, we put a glass of it in a large container or bucket with water. We put our feet in it and wait 20 minutes. The skin may be irritated due to vinegar, so if it happens do not throw as much and do not repeat this action every day.fungus

On the other hand, lemon juice is also perfect for mushrooms. We will have to squeeze some lemons and put the damaged fingers. Nor do we need to make too much juice, just the amount needed to soak the nail. You can wait about 10 minutes and repeat this process every day until you see that it has really made its effect that it will since the lemon acts as an antibiotic.

For this new remedy, you have to peel and bake several cloves of garlic with water. When they boil, let the water harden and dip the nail into it. Again, you will have to wait about 15 minutes before removing it. Remember that you can also apply crushed garlic with a little olive oil. In this case, you will have to apply it directly on the nail and wait for half an hour. It has always been said that both garlic and lemon are perfect for treating this type of problem. So get to work!