The problem of acne for many people is frustrating, and sometimes distressing because it can affect other areas of the body that are not the face. This problem can arise in any part of the body where the sebaceous glands produce sebum. The back acne is a problem that we ignore that affects many people.

Acne, on occasion, can appear because of our lifestyle. An unhealthy diet, stress, working in a dirty environment or certain medications, can promote the appearance of acne on the back.

Remedies to eliminate acne from the backthe back

Exfoliation with sugar and oats

You must exfoliate at least once a week your skin, taking into accounts the areas most vulnerable to the appearance of pimples and acne. When you shower if you do not reach the back area, buy a sponge with a stick and use it. Try this natural scrub and soon you will see good results as oats calm inflammation and sugar removes dead cells.

Mask with baking soda, lemon, aloe vera and sugar

Also, bicarbonate and sugar have exfoliating properties. The lemon, on the other hand, eliminates the spots and the aloe vera softens. All these elements together form a good remedy against acne of the back.

Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps balance the pH levels of our skin. To apply it on the back, mix equal parts of this vinegar and water, and then apply it on the back after showering. Let this remedy evaporate to see its result.

Tips to avoid pimples on your backback

Use neutral soap

Use a white one that does not contain perfume. In the stores, there are neutral soaps that are specific for pimples and acne.

Leave you’re back bare

Clothing is one of the problems by which the grains appear. Therefore, in summer wear tops, bikinis or loose garments with backs to the air. Be careful and use sunscreen at this time to not burn yourself.

Clean with lemon

Before going to bed rub a slice of lemon in the area where you have acne. Its astringent properties balance the pH of the skin. Be careful and always do this at night, because the citric acid lemon, if it gets in contact with the sun, stains our skin.

Applies tea tree oil

If you do not like lemon you can use tea tree oil. To apply tea tree oil uses a cotton disk and applies it to the affected area. Never rub the area, so you will avoid possible infection or reaction.

Modify your lifestyle to avoid the appearance of grains

Wear a clean bra

It is very important that you wear a clean bra daily. In addition, the straps must be tight so they do not move and rub against the acne of the area, if they rub irritate the skin. It is best to use a strapless bra, which will prevent possible redness in the area.

Wear loose, clean and breathable clothing

As we have mentioned before, it is best to use loose, clean clothes that are made with natural fibers such as cotton. You should wash your clothes frequently, to avoid possible infections.

Get washed after sweating

After playing sports it is imperative that you shower because if you do not remove the sweat from the skin after exercise, this will encourage the appearance of bacteria that will cause acne. This sweat could also clog the pores producing acne.

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