It is true that the thinner people also let themselves be seen with slightly more accented features. Therefore, where it is first noticed that we fatten or lose weight is in our face. So today we discover a series of simple tips to fatten your face quickly.

In this way, we will see ourselves much more favored. To fatten the face we can choose several ways. Among them the feeding as well as to follow a series of exercises destined to this part are fundamental. Therefore, you can not miss all the advice we have for you.

How to fatten your face with food

As we all know, food is always fundamental to take care of ourselves, to gain or lose weight. Because when we talk about getting fat, it does not mean going the wrong way of fast food, fried or sweet. But incorporate a series of healthier foods but to help us in our task. We need our face to have that volume we want again. Hence, we can introduce carbohydrates, always healthy. We refer to rice or pasta, not to mention potatoes. But in addition, we must introduce the avocado in our diet every day, gelatin, a handful of nuts and chicken with skin. Starting from this, we can now make a custom menu: A salad with avocado, followed by a few pieces of chicken with rice and as a dessert, a jelly. Do not you think it’s a good idea?fatten

Exercises to fatten the face

We have to exercise both the cheeks and the jaw. Therefore, to slightly inflate the first, we must take a good amount of air, swelling the cheeks as if they were going to explode. Hold about 30 seconds. You can continue to breathe through your nose, but during that time you will push the air slightly as if you wanted to get out, out. Then you will let go, you will do a couple of normal breaths and you will repeat again.

The following exercise is also similar. Since we will take air and close the mouth well. Now, we will have to play with him, that is, stretch and shrink the cheeks as if we really let go of the air, but no. You can also rest a few seconds and do several repetitions. Finally, we can alternate inflating the cheeks. As if we had candy in the mouth and we were going from one place to another. Well the same but only with air and swelling well cheeks out. If you are a little constant, every day, in a short time you will see the results.fatten

Increase cortisol production

We need to increase the production of cortisol to fatten the face. Cortisol is a hormone that will help the body put aside stress and the immune system to function properly. So it will also help the metabolism of both fats and proteins and carbohydrates. Cortisol levels can vary as they increase with physical exercise. It is important to always keep it at bay, because if we have it too high we will lose muscle mass and if we have it too low, then it will leave us with symptoms such as fatigue and a great weakness. A good balance in our body will help us when we want to achieve a clear goal such as fattening the face, in this case.

Hydrate a lot

Although you may think that water is to eliminate toxins and to lose weight, you do not always have to see it with that idea. We need to be well hydrated always. Our body needs water for its proper functioning. So, does not mean that drinking a lot and the face is going to get fat, but it is a way so that when we get to it, everything is simpler. Apply all these steps and enjoy a new face in a matter of a short time.

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