The truth is that most of the time people want to lose weight. Maybe we have more problems when taking this step. But today, we flip the coin and tell you how to get fat. Because there are many athletes who need a period to get muscle mass.

Hence, during this process, they need to know how to get fat but always in a healthy way. It is useless to opt for foods full of fat or fast food. You can also gain weight with balanced dishes, with good fats and to help us in our task but to be healthy. Do you want to know how?

Nutritious dishes with healthy fats

The best way to keep us healthy is to have a balance in our food and diets. It’s no use raising the weight at once or lowering it. Because we know that it will not be healthy for our body. When we think of fats, all those fried or fast food dishes come to mind in general. Now we will have to change them for others with fat but healthy.

Among them, we will find the avocado that we can use also in place of the butter. The natural yogurt also helps us to leave behind the cream. We are going to forget all the preserves and we will stay with seasonal and fresh fruit. If you are one of those who uses rice or pasta, then opt for the integral version. For a quick snap, nothing like nuts instead of chips.toppings

Finish your dishes with the best ‘toppings’

It is the most motivating, both for health in general and for our eyes. Because finishing the dishes with a decoration on they will always make them more attractive. In addition to this, you will have more calories in your menu and therefore, you will gain weight. You can add avocado cut into slices, a handful of nuts or olives, depending on the type of dish.

Eat more often

Another step to take into account to know how to get fat is this. We must eat more often and also, foods that give us a lot of energy. If you make very few meals a day, you can treat yourself to them with some type of snack, but always healthy. In this way, you will forget about that anxiety to eat another type of food that does not come at all well. Remember to always choose very nutrient-rich dishes, so one idea of a perfect dish would be: A section of carbohydrates such as bread, oatmeal or pasta. Another section of the dish would be composed of proteins such as chicken or turkey, legumes or eggs. The third part would be the vegetable and finally, the healthy fat in the form of olive oil or, avocado.shakes

How to get fat with shakes

If we mentioned healthy snacks before, we can now refer to them with shakes. Because they will also leave us all the necessary vitamins and we will feel quite full. You can make them with fruits or vegetables, adding yogurt or oats and nuts. Do not forget to make a green smoothie that has avocado or spinach and celery. Without a doubt, you will be filled with all its

Do sport

Although it seems all contradictory, it is not so. We want to be healthy and for that, we need to do some sport. We will increase our muscle mass by exercising between 3 and 4 days a week. With exercise, our appetite can be increased and we have to take advantage of. In addition, you need specific exercises with weights as well as resistance to gain that muscle mass that we want and that we do not accumulate fat. Since caloric intake has to always go hand in hand with exercise. In this way, we will increase muscle and not fat, which is what really interests us.

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