The scalp can suffer from different factors throughout the day. From pollution to the products we use, sun, heat or moisture can cause the scalp to end up accumulating toxins that are not good for the hair. Maintaining a healthy scalp is very necessary to have healthy hair.

The care of the scalp is very varied and is usually large forgotten. We usually focus on the hair without forgetting that our scalp is the place. Where the hair is born and therefore should be taken care of.

Exfoliate the scalp

The exfoliation of the scalp should be made from time to time to improve their status. The scalp is filled with toxins and dirt that must be removed. If we exfoliate this area we will ensure that the skin is in a better state and the hair follicle can grow much more strongly and quickly. It should be done once every two weeks. Which will improve the condition of the scalp?

It is good to use a substance that has salicylic acid or white willow extract. In the scalp with scaling or itching this type of substances is recommended because they can help avoid such problems. If our scalp is sensitive we have to choose a product that is soft to avoid irritation in the area.

Use quality productsquality products

Sometimes the problem is that we do not use quality products, but we have some that have silicones and other substances that can adhere to the hair and scalp preventing hair from growing healthily. We currently have many quality natural products that can be used to improve the condition of the scalp and hair. The solid shampoos can be a great alternative to shampoos always full of chemicals. They take care of our scalp with products that are not aggressive and that also do not accumulate toxins.

Eat good foods

To have a scalp and healthy hair you also need to feed them from the inside. In this sense, we have to consume foods that have iron and also foods that contain zinc. A balanced diet will always help us maintain proper hair health. Hydration is another important part since if we are not hydrated the skin dries out and peeling may appear on the scalp and skin.

Scalp massages

The massages help to activate the circulation since the blood flow reaches the hair follicles. This is necessary for proper hair growth and for it to fall less. We can perform the massage with your fingers or with a brush with wide bristles. It is possible to perform daily massages, thus improving the health of the scalp.

Coldwater for your hair

Although we usually shower in warm or warm water. The truth is that the healthiest thing is that we wash our hair with cold water. Coldwater keeps the scalp in better condition, activates circulation and closes pores. Also, if we wash our hair with cold water we will notice how the hair shines brighter. If you have trouble washing all your hair, you can always finish the shower with a jet of cold water.

Sun protection

We tend to protect our skin with sun protection, but we forget about hair and scalp, which can also burn and suffer damage. There are sunscreens for hair but this does not protect our skin. The best we can do is use a cap, a hat or a handkerchief to protect the head from the sun. This also helps maintain moisture in the scalp and protects the hair.