The papaya is a rich fruit with a nice orange color and delicious taste. Beyond its use as a food in a balanced diet, we have the use of papaya as a natural cosmetic. Papaya has many vitamins and great properties that can be used to improve our appearance.

Using natural products for our beauty routines is a great idea. Papaya is easy to find and also offers benefits to the skin. It is a fruit that has its origin in Central America and was taken to other countries. It has a great flavor and can also be used to make great beauty masks.

Properties of papayaProperties-papaya

Papaya is very beneficial as food, since it has few calories, lots of water and a large number of antioxidants. These antioxidants, with vitamins B and C, are great for the skin, so you can also apply to it. It is a fruit that helps moisturize and also softens and cleanses the skin.

How to make a mask

To make masks it is always better to choose fruits when they are ripe. The ripe fruits are softer and can be made with pulp easily. After crushing the soft zone of the papaya, it can be applied as it is or by adding some other ingredient. As we say, natural masks are made to fit each one, with the ingredients we need.

Papaya can be used on hair and even in the scalp area as a moisturizer. It is a fruit that also helps to shine and leave hair clean. Apply the pulp little by little giving a massage and let it act for a quarter of an hour. Finally, rinse and wash your hair normally. With honey, it is a good moisturizing mask to apply on the ends of the hair.

Papaya for the facePapaya-face

The face is the place where the papaya mask is normally used. The pulp can be used to clean the skin and combat stains. Apply with a light massage and leave about ten minutes to make an effect on the skin. On the other hand, you can add yogurt and lemon to have a stronger cleaning power, ideal for oily skin. If you add honey, the mask is perfect for acne skin, since honey is antibacterial.

Use the mask on the body

To use the papaya in the body a lot is needed. But if we want a mask for a specific area, such as the neck area, which needs special hydration, it can also be done. Several papayas are used to make more and honey is applied to add more hydration to the mask. The papaya has antioxidant properties and also helps eliminate skin spots so it is a perfect mask for after the summer. It can be easily removed in the shower.

Exfoliating mask

Use large papaya crushing the pulp as usual. Add brown sugar to the mix and you will get a great natural exfoliating that will also help you to have softer and cleaner skin. Make the mixture and apply on the face giving a light massage. Finally, remove with warm water and apply the moisturizer regularly.

Mask for the feet

The papaya is very good to moisturize and heal the feet with hardness and the area of the heels. This mask must be made and applied on the feet. You leave about twenty minutes and then wash your feet. A moisturizer is finally applied to soften this area.

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