The homemade bath gel is possible if we follow a few simple steps. The gel is one of the necessary products in our bathroom, which we use every day and it does not hurt to know what kind of ingredients they carry. Although either for this or to know that we will be before a totally homemade gel, it is worth getting down to work.

It is a very simple procedure and you can do it comfortably in your house. That’s why it’s good to try some of the recipes that we leave here. More than natural ingredients for a basic product in our hygiene and in our life. Do we begin?

A quick and simple recipe for making homemade bath gel

When we are facing a process like this, we think that recipes can be a bit complicated. But no, the truth is that it is not always like that. Since sometimes we find fast and perfect ideas to put into practice. In this case, we have it and you just have to put a pot on the fire with two liters of water.

While the water warms up, we are cutting glycerin soap into very small pieces. We remove until we see how the soap dissolves thanks to the boiling water. That’s why it’s always better to cut the smallest pieces we can. When the soap falls apart, then we put out the fire. Let it stand and when the mixture is warm or almost cold, then it will be time to add an essential oil that you like and that will bring a rich aroma.

Organic shower gel

The truth is that whenever we are going to do it in a homemade and natural way, the ingredients we use will be the same. To create this new recipe for bath gel, we are going to need an organic gel base. We can find it via the internet as a base shower gel. This is because they are all-natural ingredients and serves as a base, as its name indicates since we can add all the other components that will serve as our final gel.

Once we have about 230 grams of it, we will add 18 grams of vegetable and liquid glycerin. In addition, we have to also incorporate 15 grams of coconut oil, because as we know, this type of oil is perfect for drier skins or simply to moisturize normal skins. We remove well and finally add a few drops of our essential oil that we like. As we know they are many and very varied, so they will all be perfect for a combination like this?

Benefits of homemade bath gel

Undoubtedly, although it is true that we always opt for comfort, homemade bath gels give us many more benefits than we could think. On the one hand, we are facing a product that we can do comfortably in our house. In addition, we know all the ingredients well and are completely natural. This already indicates that they will be perfect to be able to take care of the skin.

When we add these ingredients, we can always make the necessary combinations. Since the recipes are so varied that we can combine them at our whim. So, if you want to moisturize your skin because you have it so dry, coconut oil will always go perfect. On the other hand, if what you prefer is to give a relaxing touch, then a few drops of lavender oil are also ideal. Since in this case relaxes the senses. As we see, without many combinations that we can do and that our skin admits. So, we have the advantage of natural ingredients, the care of our skin and that it is always very easy steps to take. Will you make your own homemade bath gel from now on?