Sesame oil has been widely used in Asian culture and can be used for cooking in our homes. It is not yet well known but its great properties are spreading. It is the oil that can be used for cooking offering a different flavor to meals, but it also has benefits for our health.

The sesame seeds are also known as sesame and almost always see included in some sort of bread. Nowadays they are becoming more popular thanks to the properties of these and other seeds, which are improving our diet.

How to make sesame oil

Sesame oil can be made at home from sesame seeds. These sesame seeds should be allowed to dry extended in a dry place. If they can be left in the sun it will be even better, because they will dry before. Only then can we extract all its properties. Once dried, they should be put on fire in a pan with a little olive oil so they do not burn. This way we will get them to release their properties in the oil, making that great sesame oil. The last step is to strain the oil when it cools to remove the sesame seeds. So we will have the great sesame oil to use.

Omega fatty acids

Fatty acids are essential for a healthy diet, so they should be part of our usual diet. These fatty acids help us keep the skin in good condition. Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids are contained in this oil. Omega 6 is anti-inflammatory and helps prevent arthritis and keep our body in good condition. It is good for eliminating bad cholesterol and also for preventing cardiovascular problems.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant, so it is an essential vitamin to keep us in good health since it protects our body from free radicals. Apparently, it could also delay the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Uses and benefits of sesame oil

sesame oil

This oil, like any other, is perfect for improving the condition of the skin. It is a good oil to moisturize and keep the skin elastic. It can be used as a daily moisturizer on the skin of the body and we will notice how it stays young and hydrated for a long time. As it is an easy oil to make we can manufacture enough quantity to use it as a body moisturizer.

In addition, because it contains so many antioxidants, this oil is perfect for getting younger and wrinkle-free skin. It is a great oil to also use on the face. If our skin is oily we should use it only in some areas such as the eye contour, to avoid generating more fat on the skin. If we are at a time when we have changes in weight, what we must do is use the oil in areas where we gain weight and stretch marks can occur.

This oil is especially good for our hair. Used on the ends helps the hair is much softer. However, if we use it in the scalp area it can also help prevent hair loss. If we have the fat root we must use it in moderation and clean the hair very well after use.

Another of the uses that we can give the oil is to use it for massages. The oil can be used to improve circulation while taking care of the skin and also moisturize the area at the same time.