The nails are a part that we must take care enough so that they look good. Nails and careless hands do not make a good impression and it is easy to have them perfect even if we take care of them from home. That’s why we’re going to give you some ideas on how to paint your nails.

Although there are now many places where nail care is carried out, it can be done perfectly at home with some tools. In addition, in the brands of cosmetics, there are many colors available to choose to paint their nails.

Watch your diet

The nails and hair are regenerated thanks to the nutrients, so to have good nails with which to do the manicure we must first affect their health. If we see that they have a problem, such as stretch marks, spots, fungus or breaks, it is best to go to a specialist who can tell us how to end it. The diet is the basis of healthy hair and nails. Eating quality proteins and vitamins in fruits and vegetables is necessary to show strong and healthy nails.

Prepare your nails

To paint your nails at home, both those of the hands and the feet, we must prepare them beforehand. You have to cut them carefully, especially in the feet, since there you have to cut straight lines to avoid the ingrown nails. The cuticles are only removed. It is good to put your hands and feet soaking to soften these cuticles and thus be able to pull them back more easily. With a cardboard file the nails are shaped and finally, a polisher can be used to leave the surface of the nail uniform and shiny.

Painting the toenails

In the feet, we can use rubber separators for the fingers, which helps us that the nails are not rubbed and the enamel is damaged. Each one is painted with care and left to dry. To remove the excess that may remain on the edges you can use a cotton soaked in enamel.

Paint the nails of the hands

The practice makes perfect when it comes to painting the nails of the hands. If we have someone who can help us better, because there is always a hand with which we have more skill, so with the other it costs us much more. A brush stroke should be applied in the center and then two more towards the sides with care. Sometimes the glaze requires that we give one more hand, for which we must wait for it to dry very well. To know if the enamel is completely dry you should touch one nail against another if you notice that you still stick a bit is that you need a little time. If the enamel has a very strong coloring, a good way to prevent the nails from catching color is to give a hand of transparent enamel to protect them, as a base.

How to choose enamels

The nail polish must be of quality to avoid damage to them. Nowadays the glazes are usually good and offer a long duration. In general, they usually last a week, although you can buy a polish that is long-lasting or gel nails type, which lasts more days. On the other hand, the best for our nails are the ecological enamels or those that do not carry harmful substances for the nails. These enamels are much better when it comes to taking care of the nails and they are especially good for weak nails. This kind of enamel is more expensive, but it can be a good alternative to the usual glazes.

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