Eczema is a problem that affects especially the child population, but in many of these children will also develop as adults, especially in times of stress. These eczemas appear as red spots on the skin where they can later cause dryness or injury, with an increase in the itching of the area. They take a long time to disappear, so prevention is essential.

Once they have appeared, since they usually arise in outbreaks, we must know how to treat them so that the skin recovers as quickly as possible. Although it is usual to see eczema in the area of the face or arms, the fact is that there are people who also have them on the head, which leads to itching, burning, and redness on the scalp that can harm our hair.

Prevention of eczema

It is difficult to prevent this kind of skin problems since they can have multiple appearance factors. In children, it is even a fairly common problem that disappears with age. In adults, it manifests itself at certain times to disappear and recur recurrently. There are some guidelines to prevent its appearance, although this does not assure us that we will not have eczema in the head again.

The food is key to beautiful skin. In this case, avoid inflammatory foods, such as red meats, fried foods, precooked foods or those with saturated fat. In return, you have to bet on a natural diet with anti-inflammatory foods such as brewer’s yeast, fruits or bluefish. You should also drink at least two liters of water a day to keep the skin hydrated from within and thus improve its elasticity.

You have to use mild shampoos or formulated for atopic skin. The products that we use daily on the skin can improve or make the appearance of it much worse. Making mistakes when choosing the shampoo can cause more irritations and problems in the scalp.

Cure eczema on the head

When it comes to curing eczema on the head, we should not only try to make all those preventive guidelines. It is essential to choose products to wash the scalp to improve this situation. There are brands like Eucerin that offer us products that are specially formulated to treat this type of problems and improve the appearance of the skin. The PH range of Eucerin, with its shampoos, is good for this, especially the one that contains Urea. On many occasions, we look for the wrong form of a shampoo, since they give us one for dandruff when it should be for dermatitis, which can be dry or seborrheic. We must always have an adequate diagnosis, for which it is better to consult the dermatologist directly.

Natural treatments for eczema

When it comes to treating eczema in the head, not only do we have daily guidelines, but each outbreak must also be treated so that the skin re-establishes itself again. There are some natural remedies that can help in this regard.

Tea tree oil with aloe vera or coconut oil

This essential oil can help us improve the problems of dandruff and eczema in the head. However, it cannot be used directly. Some people mix a few drops with their usual shampoo. You can also make a mask that uses aloe vera gel for desquamative fatty states and coconut oil for drier skin. This mixture is applied to the scalp by massaging lightly. We cover with a towel and wait a half hour for it to take effect. Then we will wash normally.

Baking soda and apple cider vinegar

The sodium bicarbonate is a great product to help the skin to regain its ph. Apple cider vinegar, in turn, fights dandruff and dryness. Both should be mixed with water to clean the scalp with this solution. It acts like a shampoo cleaning the hair, so you do not have to wash afterward, just rinse.

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