Although for many people putting false eyelashes is common, not so much for many others. So, if you want to open your way between them and make them part of your makeup routine, then discover the steps you must take to place them without a major problem.

Because putting false eyelashes is not complicated. Even more so when we have a little practice, which as we say, will not take any time and will always bring a more intense touch in your eyes. Hence, they are basic for a night makeup of the most sensual. Betting on them?

Before putting false eyelashes, measure them!

It is not necessary that you put yourself with the rule to measure perfectly the eyelashes. All you have to do is take them out of their box and, with the help of tweezers, place them at eye level. Nothing to paste for the moment, we are just going to look at how long the inserts and ours are. In this way, once we have measured them, we can cut them a little if we consider it that way. Cut them individually, because that way a more natural style will remain. In addition, you should know that the shortest part of them, go in the area of the lacrimal, while the thickest and longest will concentrate on the end of the eye.false eyelashes

Apply the glue on its base

The false eyelashes have a kind of base that will be fixed to our eyelid. It is in this area where we will have to apply the special glue for this type of detail. You can use your applicator or, a brush that is small enough not to spread too much product on the outside of the line. Take advantage and put a little more quantity at the ends. Once the glue is applied, we wait about 15 seconds, approximately. Because there are some glues that if we put them as soon as we have applied them, they will not hold well since they are more liquid.

Place your false eyelashes

We hold the lashes with the tweezers and place their base, where the glue is right above our natural lashes. Glue first the central part of the eyelashes and then, with the same clamps, we can place both ends so that they adapt to our eye. Try not to get too up, because otherwise you will notice much more and not seem as natural as we want to imply. Wait a few seconds and you can freely move your new tabs. As you see, the placement itself is not complicated.false eyelashes

Make your eyelashes natural

The good thing is that now we must intermix the natural ones with the artificial ones. In this way, they will be much denser, which is the effect we want to achieve. With the tweezers themselves, you can move them slightly to obtain that more natural result. Now, to continue with that naturalness that we mentioned, we just need to complete our makeup. Because if you did not fit perfectly, there is nothing that the makeup does not cover.false eyelashes

On this occasion, it will be the eyeliner that can disguise those small spaces that have remained. So, we just have to make a superior delineation and of course, finish it with mascara. The rest of the makeup is your idea. We hope you have not had a problem with the glue, because sometimes you can leave some other white residue. Therefore, it is best to opt for the transparent, because again, it will disguise much better. Maybe the first time you decide to put false eyelashes can be a bit uncomfortable, but the second one will be shot. As it usually happens, practice is always one of the best weapons in this of makeup and beauty. Do not you think?

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