Do you know how to remove makeup eyelashes? It may seem like an easy question but it is not always like that. More than anything because we know that the routine of removing makeup can be a little more complex. Therefore, not always many dedicate the necessary time. But he needs it because otherwise, our skin may suffer.

Even so, when we go to bed we think that the makeup has disappeared completely. But when we wake up, we wonder how we should remove the eyelashes properly because the remains still continue in them. So, today does not happen … write down these tricks!

How to remove makeup from the eyelashes correctly, step 1

Surely when you get up the next morning, as we have indicated, and you see the dark color still on your eyelashes and in the area of dark circles, you get desperate. Therefore, it is common for us to quickly pass cotton through the area. Well no, it is a serious mistake because we can damage the area without wanting to. It must be remembered that this part of the eye is quite sensitive since the skin is more delicate. So it takes a little patience with her. The first step to take is to opt for some cotton disks, cut them in half and soak them in micellar water. Of course, if you have a specific makeup remover for this area, you can also use it. Now you will place the cotton under your eyes. Because we want to eliminate all the remains that have fallen to the lower eyelashes and dark circles. Do not rub the area!

Removing the mascara little by little

If you have that problem that you can not completely remove the mascara, you should buy a special make-up remover for the eyes. As with the area of the lips, both need softer products to avoid irritating these areas. Once you have it in your power, you will only have to soak cotton with that product. The next step is to go from the eyelid to the lashes with very gentle movements. Trying to drag, but without damaging the skin of the eye that as we say is quite sensitive.

A few seconds of relaxation while you get off the make-up

How necessary it is for our life to be relaxeD! Well, the truth is that we do not always get it and this affects our health and our skin. So, we are going to take advantage of a second we dedicate to removing makeup, to also close our eyes and let ourselves go. To do this, we must choose two cotton or cotton discs. We soak them in the chosen product and place them over closed eyes. It is a way for the product to penetrate the eyelash area and be removed more easily. Then he gives some small touches in the area, with the cotton still placed.

Water resistant masks

They are the ones we usually use because they give us a better result. But the truth is that they are also more complicated when it comes to having to withdraw them. For this reason, it is always necessary that we opt for a specific product when it comes to removing make-up. Because only in this way, we make sure that the product is eliminated in a simpler way and without having to give so many passes. In this way, we will get what we want and need to know how to remove makeup eyelashes.

On the one hand, we have the product and on the other the steps to take. Of course, mascara does not always come out the first time. That is why it is important that you take your time, so when placing the cotton over the eyes, as when making the slight movements with the cotton soaked in product. Because it does not matter what time it requires, but how successful we are when we finish. Do not you think?

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