The cartridge cases belts are that part of the legs that form the outer part of the thigh. There are many people who accumulate fat and cellulite in that area of the body for several reasons, which makes the thighs have much more volume.

We are going to tell you if you can really eliminate the cartridge belts, an area in the legs that can accumulate fat and liquids easily. If that is your problem, we give you a few tricks to reduce them without having to go through liposuction.

Why do we have cartridge cases?

The cartridge belts appear for several reasons. When we speak of this we refer to that fat and the volume that accumulates in the outer area of the thighs, creating that cartridge cases effect. One of the reasons that exist is that we must have a certain genetic predisposition to store fat precisely in this area of our body since each person has a different body type.

There are other factors that can increase the risk of having more cartridges, such as weight gain. It is also quite possible that this area increases in weight only by accumulating liquids in the body since certain areas are inflamed. Having a lifestyle that makes us increase our body fat is something that also influences a lot when it comes to having these cartridge belts.

Healthy foodHealthy food

This is one of the key points so that our body does not accumulate fats, liquids or toxins. A healthy diet is a basis for a healthy body. We must banish as much as possible of our diet sweet foods, processed, fried and saturated fats. We must feed ourselves with fresh fruits, vegetables, vegetable proteins, lean meats and all kinds of natural foods that provide us with nutrients.

Remove liquidsliquids

Liquids must be removed to lose volume in certain areas that tend to accumulate and the legs are one of these places. To eliminate liquids we have to drink a lot of water. With some infusions we will get a diuretic effect, such as horsetail and green tea, so we will have a double effect when it comes to eliminating leftover liquids.

It is important to eliminate excess salt from our diet. Prepared meals, sausages, snacks, and preserves usually have high amounts of salt, so it is always better to opt for natural foods rather than using processed ones. This way we can better control the amount of daily salt. On the other hand, we can take foods like banana, which has potassium, which helps us keep the body hydrated and not accumulate fluids.

Massages in specific areasspecific areas

The cartridge belts are a localized problem. With diet and sport to lose weight, we will get down in a generalized way. If we tend to have fat in this area we will see how it improves but we will still have the feeling that we have a lot of work to do with it. That’s why we can help with massages. These massages what they do is help improve circulation in each area, improving the expulsion of liquids and the dissolution of fat. If we do this massage with a reducing product we will improve the results even more.

Physical exercisePhysical exercise

The exercises can also help us improve every area of our body. Exercise gives us firmness in the muscles and prevents flaccidity. It shapes our legs and reduces fat. That is why aerobic exercise should be combined with those in which we exercise strength. Exercises such as squats can be good for improving this area. Also, sports like swimming or cycling can help us improve our legs.