Performing the manicure at home or out involves carrying out a series of processes in our hands. One of them has to do with the cuticles. For many years these cuticles have been removed so that the nails are better and a nice manicure is seen, but the truth is that nowadays it has been proven that this may not be a good idea.

Then we consider whether removing the cuticles is something that we should do or not. Let’s see what are the processes that we have to carry out to prepare hands for a manicure and what we can do with these cuticles.

Cut the cuticles

The cuticles were cut almost always when doing the manicure, so it became a habit. These cuticles are a natural barrier of the skin that becomes thicker to protect our nails. Without these cuticles, the skin would be damaged and infections could easily occur. That’s why you should keep in mind that these cuticles are fulfilling an important function. At the time of cutting them, it can happen that we make a wound and we bleed. The tools must be disinfected and totally clean. However, it is always a risk that we run, since it can be infected as well.

Hydrate the area

One of the things we can do to make these cuticles look better is to moisturize the area. There are oils for cuticles that soften them and make us able to minimize their appearance. So we can continue with them without our nails looking careless. By hydrating the area of the cuticles they soften and prevent them from being as hard as ever. So before doing anything with them, we will have to hydrate them with those oils.

Exfoliate handsExfoliate hands

We must exfoliate the hands to have them softer and within this also the cuticles can be exfoliated so that they have less thickness. In this way, they will go unnoticed and we will not have to cut them to make our nails look beautiful. This care must be done several times a week to have your hands in the best conditions. If we take care of them, our manicure will be easier.

Use orangewood

In stores where we can find tools to make the manicure we will surely find some orange wood sticks, which are created to be able to withdraw these cuticles backward. In this way, we can do well the manicure without having to cut the cuticles. Although there are many people who continue to cut them, the truth is that it should not be done. Before using these wooden poles, the cuticles should be hydrated and softened so that they are much easier to remove.

Take care of your hands and feet

It is very important that when we care for hands and feet we have good materials and tools. We must always clean everything we use, especially what is not disposable, such as metal files or nail clippers. If we make a simple wound and that material is not clean we can infect it and we will have problems to cure it. You must use specific moisturizers and exfoliants for hands and feet since they do not have the same type of skin.

Choice of each person

In general, it is not recommended to cut the cuticles because of the later problems that can cause in terms of infections or inflammations. However, there are places where it is still being made to give a more perfect look at our nails when we get a manicure. The idea is to soften these cuticles, exfoliate and then remove them to be able to paint the nails.

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