Now that the good weather is approaching, we want to show perfect feet. But sometimes, the hardness of the feet makes it the opposite. The truth is that nobody wants to be with them, but they appear and we have to get used to the idea that there are many things to change, in order to improve.

There are many reasons why hardness may appear in the feet. Maybe because of the footwear, as well as the sweat or to spend a lot of time standing. Anyway, today we are going to treat them in the best way we know: with home remedies and very simple to prepare. Try them and tell us!

Chamomile for the hardness of the feet

We need to soften the hardness of the feet to avoid pain and eliminate them. For this, there is a good solution that you can carry out in practice. In this case, you need to make an infusion of chamomile with a liter of water. In this way, we will put this infusion in a tub or tub and put our feet. The best thing is that the infusion is hot but that it does not burn. Only that we can withstand the heat. After 6 minutes, you will see how the hardness will be a bit softer so it can be removed easily.hardness

The stone Pumice

One of the great remedies in this field is our friend Pumice. No doubt, she always knows how to get us out of a hurry. In this way, we need to soak about 3 minutes, feet in warm water. After that, we will pass the Pumice stone through the most conflictive areas and finally, we will have to apply a little hydrating cream, otherwise, the skin will become very dry.

Benefits of aspirin

Although we know that it is a good remedy against headache, in this case, we do not need to take it. We are going to crush 6 aspirins and mix them with a spoon of water and another of lemon juice. We make a kind of paste that we will apply on the hardness in question. Cover with a hot towel and let stand about 12 minutes. We remove and again, we can scratch lightly with the Pumice stone.hardness

Garlic and olive oil

Another perfect mix to get rid of the hardness in the feet is this. It is about crushing a clove of garlic that we mix with a spoonful of olive oil. We will apply it directly on the zone of hardness and we will hold it with the help of a bandage. Let it rest and you will see that when you remove it the skin will be much softer.

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of those great remedies that we always have to have on hand. In this case, in a liter of hot water, we will pour about 100 ml of vinegar. Then you will grind two cloves of garlic and you can put your feet in the mixture. In just a few minutes you will see how the hardness is softening without being able to resist. As we have indicated before, we remind you that the water temperature should not be too high. Simply that temperature that we support well.hardness

Figs for hardness

In case you did not know, the fig has anti-inflammatory properties, which also becomes vital to be able to say goodbye to the hardness of the feet. In this case, we must open a fig and remove the pulp from it. It will be she who has to apply on the hardness. As it happened before, it is best to hold it with a bandage. In this case, put on a sock as well, since we must be longer with this remedy. We can do it at night and go to sleep with him. In the morning we remove with warm water, we pass the Pumice stone and apply a little moisturizer. You will see how you can look perfect feet in less time than you think!

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