Removing mascara from the eyelashes is not always a simple task. Because sometimes we find that the mascara is resistant to water and this will hinder the work. This is where a series of tricks, steps, and advice that we must put into practice come into play.

Undoubtedly, the eyelashes are one of the most sensitive areas and as such, we must always take care of them. Otherwise, they can weaken and fall as happens with hair. So, so that they do not suffer in the process of removing make-up, you must follow everything we tell you. Are you ready?

Olive oil to remove the mascara from the eyelashes

One of the best remedies or steps we can take to remove the mascara from the eyelashes is with olive oil. For this, you only need a minimum amount of product that you can put on a piece of cotton. Then, we will go through the eye but without getting to rub a lot. You will see how with the minimum contact and the mask disappears. As we can see, it is a quick, simple and economical way to remove the mascara from the eyelashes. Finally, we will remove all the oil with cotton and wash the face as usual.Coconut oil

Coconut oil

When we talk about oils, ideas are already crowding in our heads. If the olive is one of the first that we have always close, the coconut was not going to be left behind either. Again, the process will be very simple. Since we will apply a small amount of this oil on a piece of cotton. Now you just have to go through the eyelash area in a soft way. As we discussed before, it is better not to rub. First to not irritate the eyes and second because thanks to the oils we will not need since the product will come out in a simple way.

Makeup remover for eyes

If we love home remedies, we must also bear in mind that there are other products always intended for this specific purpose. If you have the eye make-up remover, then it is the best time to use it. First, we can moisten a cotton ball in hot water, but do not burn. We will go through the tabs to soften them. The next step will be to moisten cotton with the product in question. We will be going smoothly and in a matter of seconds, we will have finished our work.Baby oil

Baby oil or shampoo

Nor is it necessary to have to buy a product for each thing. That is, we can take advantage of some of those we have at home. Hence, we like homemade and natural remedies very much. Because we know that they will bring us many benefits without having to invest more money. In this case, we are left with baby oil or shampoo. As we know, are products intended for the smallest of the house and totally safe, are ingredients that will irritate. Anyway, it is always better to use small quantities. A quantity that we will throw on cotton and we will pass it through the eyelashes with care.

How to remove the mascara from the eyelashes

If we already know the best products to remove the mascara from the eyelashes, now we need to discover what the steps to take are:

  • We need a piece of cotton that will be impregnated with some of the mentioned remedies.
  • Then we will place it on the eyelashes pressing on them slightly. In this way, the product softens the makeup.
  • Now is the time to pass the cotton but without rubbing, but do it horizontally and lightly. First to take care of the eyelashes and second, because we do not want the product to enter the eye.
  • For lower lashes, you can always use an ear swab. Since you will be much more comfortable than a large piece of cotton.
  • Finally, wash your face well with water, dry and apply a moisturizer to the face.

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