The eyelashes are abundant and healthy. Although there are those who resort to extensions or false eyelashes, we must always take care of our own eyelashes. If you are one of those who has few, are thin or you see that they do not leave as many as before you may have to consider how to strengthen the eyelashes.

The eyelashes are delicate but if we take care of them as we should, they will be healthy. Its length or thickness is a matter of genetics, but keeping them strong is our thing, so we are going to give you some ideas for that. There are many ways to get stronger natural eyelashes.

Basic careBasic care

The eyelashes can break and weaken easily. One of the main causes is food, as it directly affects the skin and hair. We must take vitamin E and Omega fatty acids so that the lashes are stronger and regenerate quickly. A balanced diet with all kinds of nutrients should never be missed.

Another of the care that we should have is to always remove the lashes. Although it may seem silly, the truth is that if we sleep with them make-up we run the risk of breaking them at night. If possible we should add the mascara only on special occasions, it is not always good to have the mascara on them, so it is best to leave them on the air frequently and take advantage of these occasions to strengthen them and take care of them.

The eyelashes can break and fall if we are constantly rubbing the eyes. For many people, this is a habitual gesture, so it is better not to do it. Let’s be aware that they spoil easily and are delicate. Not only are they related to beauty, but they have the function of protecting the eyes from foreign bodies.

Do not abuse the false eyelashes either. To apply them you must use quality glue and put them on your lashes. Although they are products designed for this area, they will always harm your eyelashes, so they can become weaker and fall more frequently. Use them only for those special occasions that require it.

Castor oilCastor oil

Le Castor oil is one of the remedies most commonly used for eyelashes. It helps to keep them hydrated, something that is essential so that they do not break. You just have to use a swab soaked in the oil and pass it through the lashes. If you want to have a simple make-up remover, you can use an oil like this or olive oil. Remove the remains of makeup from your eyelashes and at the same time, you will keep them with perfect hydration.

The best time to do oil treatment is before you go to sleep. This oil helps to strengthen them and you will see how they feel better every day. This way you will have abundant and strong eyelashes.

Chamomile infusionChamomile infusion

The Chamomile is very beneficial for eyelashes because it helps to remain flexible and be strengthened. This wonderful infusion is perfect for the eyes because it also takes care of them a lot. We must take cotton and soak it in the infusion to then wet the area of the eyelashes. We will not bother anything in case the infusion enters the eyes, so we should not worry about it.


The Vaseline has been used to strengthen and grow eyelashes forever. Use a cotton swab to apply Vaseline gently on the lashes. You must prevent it from entering the eyes. Also, you have to buy a quality Vaseline to get better results. You will see how in weeks you will notice that the lashes are stronger and fall less.