Sweating is normal since our body usually produces it to be able to cool down and maintain an adequate temperature. It is a way to keep the organs at a temperature at which they can work normally. However, there may be other reasons why we generate sweat, sometimes more than normal.

The problem of hyperhidrosis affects many people and can affect us even during life stages due to hormonal problems. There are many natural remedies to reduce sweat and smell that becomes so annoying.

Problems with sweatsage for sweat

It is true that the vast majority of the population keeps sweat at bay easily with a normal antiperspirant. However, there are people who have excessive sweating or a strong smell, so sweat can cause problems. There are some things that produce more sweat and smell, such as synthetic clothing that does not perspire. It is always recommended to wear cotton garments that cause perspiration, which give less smell.

On the other hand, you should change your clothes and take a quick shower several times a day if necessary. In this way, we will achieve that the smell is reduced and not impregnated in the clothes. Personal hygiene is very important if we have excessive sweating, as it helps us avoid the smell, although sweat will continue to appear.

Sage for sweat

Sage is a natural remedy that can be used to prevent excessive sweating. In this case, it is a remedy that is used from the inside, since the sage must be taken in the form of an infusion so that it takes effect and regulates the sweating better. Dry sage leaves should be heated in a liter of water, boil a few minutes and let stand. This infusion must be taken at least twice a day to begin to take effect.

What this infusion does is offer thermoregulatory properties that make us not generate so much sweat and that we can regulate it better against heat. It has antiperspirant action and also helps to avoid the strong smell in sweat, which helps us avoid awkward situations in case we sweat.

Other infusions for sweating

There are other infusions that can help us to generate less sweat. This is the case of Valerian, which helps us avoid anxiety. There are people who have sweat problems precisely because of nerves. If valerian infusion is used, it is possible to avoid this anxiety and nervousness caused by the production of sweat in situations that make us nervous.

The ginger tea can be used topically on the skin. In this case, the infusion is for us to ingest, but to use abroad. To avoid sweating on the feet, which can also produce a strong odor, you can use ginger tea. The infusion is prepared and placed in a basin of water in which the feet are submerged. They are left to soak a few minutes and dry well afterward. If we do it several times a day we will manage to control the smell and excessive sweating on the feet.

During the summer we also usually sweat a lot more due to the excess heat. To avoid this, something we can do is drink very cold drinks, such as iced tea. If we take the cold infusions and ice we can enjoy a drop in body temperature that will make us less sweat before a generalized heat in the environment. This can also help people who suffer hot flashes during menopause.

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