psychotherapyIndividual psychotherapy is practiced in a private practice by a psychologist or psychotherapist recognized by the Ordre des psychologists du Quebec.

Sometimes certain life events are very stressful. Talking with someone you trust around you can be beneficial to alleviate suffering. However, in some cases, this is not enough. In order to find a beautiful balance of life and a healthy interaction with others, professional help is sometimes necessary.


Psychotherapy is more than just a support or counseling intervention. She teaches ways and gives tools. The person who decides to take psychotherapy acquires a more rational vision and a more balanced attitude towards difficult situations.

Psychotherapy is a set of different psychological approaches whose primary purpose is to alleviate a person’s suffering or ill-being in the face of a situation. This approach helps a person to make important and positive changes in order to better manage their emotions and their interpersonal dynamics with those around them.

The role of the psychotherapist

The psychotherapist must be open and humanistic. His clinical assessment allows him to consider the most appropriate treatment plan for his client in the context of individual psychotherapy. He will do a thorough analysis to understand his client in his thoughts, reactions, and sensitivity. He will then establish a psychotherapeutic treatment according to the personality of his client.

Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is particularly beneficial in the context of loss of a loved one, difficult separation or divorce, unrealistic job requirements, low self-esteem, social malaise, addiction to alcohol or drugs, old unhealed psychological wounds or other difficult situations.

Individual psychotherapy requires a person a motivation and a total sincerity in the process. The relationship with the psychotherapist must be based on trust. Such an approach must have as its objective a real desire to change the thoughts and behaviors that cause pain.

Individual psychotherapy can take several weeks or even months. Perseverance, availability, and attendance at meetings are of paramount importance for the success of individual psychotherapy.

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