In many occasions, we suffer weight gain because we accumulate fluids in the body. That is why we can use our diet to eliminate liquids. Today we will see some effective juices when it comes to eliminating liquids in our body, to reduce volume and expel those toxins.

We must emphasize the importance of a balanced diet and medical control if we are going to make a specific diet. We should not limit ourselves to reducing calorie intake, putting our health at risk. Therefore, before any step, you must consult with doctors and nutrition experts.

The importance of removing liquids

Due to hormonal changes or simply by pure genetics we can tend to accumulate fluids in the body. This is not healthy, as it greatly worsens circulation. It is on these occasions when we notice the legs swollen and tired. It is important to eliminate fluids because they promote the appearance of cellulite and poor circulation, with varicose veins. In general, you should reduce salt intake and increase water consumption to help eliminate these liquids, but some juices and preparations have a great diuretic power that will be of great help.

Juice with pineapplepineapple

If there is a food that is good for removing liquids it is pineapple. Making pineapple juice daily can be a good idea to end that retention. The pineapple is not only digestive but also has anti-inflammatory power and helps us eliminate liquids with its diuretic power. Of course, we must make a smoothie with lots of pineapples but without adding sugar. In a blender, we will put the pineapple with a little water. We can add other ingredients to change the flavor a little, although the pineapple must be the protagonist. For example, strawberries or raspberries can be added. Always including low-calorie foods with a large amount of water, making our juices much healthier.

Juice with watermelon

The power of watermelon lies in its large amount of water. Eating watermelon fills us but much of it is about water, which helps us ingest liquids to eliminate them. We can make a refreshing watermelon juice to which we will add apple since it has fiber, which helps us in the intestinal transit.

Juice with vegetablesvegetables

In the blender, we can also make a delicious juice with the vegetables as the main ingredients. Vegetables can be great allies when making juices to eliminate liquids, although their flavor can be a little stronger and less sweet, so it is good to add some fruit such as pineapple. Ingredients such as parsley, which eliminates toxins, or cucumber, which has a lot of water, are perfect for this vegetable smoothie. On the other hand, we can make juice with celery, which also has few calories and great diuretic power. In terms of quantity or flavors, we can always try things, since we do not all like the same flavors. In a matter of juices, we can be creative, or look for recipes online and change those things that we do not like or do not convince us. In the case of vegetables, we usually add water or an infusion such as green tea so that the juice is more liquid.

Other tips

In addition to adding diuretic juices to your diet, you must make some changes to improve the appearance of the skin. You must reduce the consumption of prepared meals since they usually take a lot of salt, as well as the consumption of salt in the meals. Avoid sugary and carbonated beverages; just take natural juices, infusions, and water. On the other hand, you must exercise every day, even in a moderate way, because this also helps us with circulation and the elimination of toxins.

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