The massages to increase the bust are one of the simplest ways to see this area with more volume. There are many women who resort to all kinds of techniques in order to get it but without having to go through complicated treatments or spend so much money.

Hence, on second thought, another of the best solutions is massaging to increase the bust. Because it is a simple technique and we can perform ourselves, without further complication. Therefore, nothing like following the steps that we indicated and you will see how you look a more natural and voluminous bust.

Why massages help us to increase the bust

The truth is that massages to increase the bust help us to activate the blood flow in this area. Thanks to the massage itself, we will be activating prolactin, which is that hormone that will stimulate the entire area. As we know, we need to have smooth skin and as such, massages help us. In addition, we must remember that to achieve this we need patience and perseverance. But the result will be seen and it will not take long to appear. To summarize, the effectiveness of the massages is due to the movement of the blood that will be in charge of transporting the toxins and getting rid of them.bust

How to do a massage to increase the chest

  • First, we must choose some type of oil or cream that makes massage easier. So that the hands move comfortably. Both olive oil and aloe vera gel can be perfect.
  • Then you must make circular movements in a clockwise direction. We begin in the part of the nipple and we go little by little, embracing more until reaching the whole breast.
  • It is best to place one hand on the bottom or base both to hold it and to massage this area.
  • When we have finished the journey from the nipple to the rest of the chest, we will do the reverse. We must complete about 7 or 8 courses.
  • Remember that massage should always be light, without bothering us. It will not take us long, so it is advisable to repeat this process a couple of times a day.

The best massage for the chest

We mentioned one of the basic and simple massages. But it is true that there are many techniques that we can put into practice in the form of massages to increase the bust.

  • In this case, we start again from the nipples but making straight lines towards the inside of the chest. Help your whole hand to slightly press the skin, both the top and bottom.
  • Another fundamental step is to bet on kneading the entire area. In this case, there is no recommended direction, simply that this pressure is not too uncomfortable. With each pressure, you should raise the skin a little. The ascending movements are always vital in this type of massage.
  • Finally, we will help with both hands to stimulate drainage. With the palms of our hands, we will go through all the skin of the chest, exerting pressure.

Basic tips to complete the massages

We have already learned two techniques for massage and the reasons for its benefits. But we also need to know that we should not spend more than 8 minutes of massage. Since we do not want to punish the area too much. It is one of the most sensitive, so you have to be careful with the pressure and decrease it whenever necessary. At the time of doing the massage, it is advised that the hands are not cold but quite the opposite. For this, we can rub them against each other until we achieve it. After a good massage, you can always notice some discomfort in the bust, but it will be usual.

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