The mesotherapy is an alternative medicine technique used for various purposes. It is a technique used in many beauty salons and clinics to deal with problems such as cellulite or the first wrinkles. It has its advantages and can be a great help when it comes to ending certain beauty problems that are very common.

We will see what mesotherapy is, how it is applied and for what things the use of this alternative medicine technique may be useful. These types of techniques can be used as support when taking care of yourself, as a treatment that improves problems that we fight on a daily basis.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is considered a medical technique in which microinjections are made in the superficial layers of the skin to achieve certain effects. Each injection has a specific cocktail with a purpose. These cocktails usually carry vitamins, amino acids, minerals or natural extracts of homeopathy. It is a very varied technique because each injection can be customized depending on what is done and to whom it is directed.

How to apply mesotherapy

This technique is applied in a simple way in clinics and specialized salons. These injections must be prepared and also applied by people prepared and in totally hygienic environments, with disposable and sterilized material. That’s why it should not be done anywhere. It is always necessary to go to a place that is trustworthy. A first test is always done to see if there are allergic reactions on the skin and the clinical history of the person is taken into account to know if this treatment is suitable for her.

The injections need about ten or fifteen sessions that should be done once a week. In the same way, once we finish with these injections, some more maintenance can be given in the following months. It is possible to see the results in several sessions. In addition, this technique does not need rest or time to be restored, because they are simple superficial injections in which substances are injected to act on that level. During treatment, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure and drink plenty of water to eliminate toxins.

Mesotherapy for cellulitecellulite

The cellulite is one of the main problems that are addressed when using mesotherapy. The cellulite is in a subcutaneous area and is nodules of fat that are removed in a very difficult way if we only focus on losing weight and using creams superficially. That is why mesotherapy has been shown as a very effective treatment to improve the appearance of the skin if we have cellulite.

When using mesotherapy, substances from homeopathy are used to eliminate fat nodules. Vitamins are also very important because they improve the smoothness of the skin and add firmness to it, preventing sagging.

Ending wrinklesEnding wrinkles

Another of the main uses that are given to mesotherapy is to end wrinkles or nuance. The skin benefits from the creams we use in it, but if we want to go a little further we can use these microinjections to reach a layer of skin where wrinkles are formed. Facial mesotherapy is usually performed with vitamins that help improve the collagen and elastin in the skin, keeping it much smoother and smoother, without wrinkles.

Advantages of this technique

This technique is perfect for problems that can be fought on a deeper level in the skin. It gets to act on the most embedded cellulite and wrinkles. That is why it is a treatment that offers great efficiency without having to resort to the operating room.

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