The improper application of this unique moisturizing and instant lifting agent can significantly reduce the effectiveness.

Patches for the eye area are a unique remedy that gently moistens the most delicate skin, smoothes out fine wrinkles and relieves fatigue. They can also be used as an instant lifting before applying makeup. But some errors can significantly reduce their effectiveness.

It should be remembered that patch types for the area around the eyes are many, and they are all designed for different types of problems. Humidifying, fighting with dark circles, eliminating wrinkles and other functions. More versatile is the mask of the hydrogel, which instantly refreshes and tones the skin.

Do not forget to pay attention to the composition. This applies to all cosmetics. After all, some components can cause an allergic reaction.

Keep the mask-plaster no more than the time specified by the manufacturer. During this time, your skin will receive all the useful substances with which the plaster is filled. Otherwise, you risk getting dry and irritated.

How to paste correctly Pre-clean the skin from the remains of cosmetics. Glue the patches under the eyes so that they do not come in contact with the mucous eye. Leave them for 15 minutes, remove from the bridge of the nose to the temple and rinse the remains with warm water (or beat them into the skin around the eyes).

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