One of the most comfortable things we can do to avoid hair removal during summer or winter is precisely adding to permanent hair removal methods. These methods assure us in several sessions that the hair does not grow again. Something that will save us a lot of time, especially during the summer season.

Currently, there are several permanent methods to shave permanently, forgetting the annoying hair that comes out in some areas. Let’s see what kind of methods we can use and how to carry them out so we can forget about hair removal.

Why use permanent hair removal

Although at first, these methods may seem somewhat more expensive the truth is that in the long run, we will be saving time and money. It is an investment thanks to which we can later forget to buy wax. Hair removal devices and other materials in addition to the advantage of not having to waste time with hair removal. This type of hair removal focuses on destroying the hair follicle so that the hair has no chance of regrowth. This will become very comfortable when we finally do not have to be continuously tearing the hair that grows again. We can forget once and for all of those hairs that grow in unwanted places.

Permanent hair removal types

The permanent hair removal can be done today with a few methods such as laser hair removal or IPL hair removal pulsed light. Both methods are really similar and have the same purpose to end the hair by heat. Destroying the root so that the follicle does not reproduce again.

Laser hair removal

This type of hair removal is the most used. These pulses that the laser light gives are what they do is give intense heat in the follicle that destroys that root. It is a method that is usually used in places like English and underarms for its great results with thicker hair. However, we will have to see the results after several sessions. When the hair will weaken and disappear. In this case, it is the hair pigment that channels the heat of the laser. That is why thick and dark hairs are the ones that best catch, being in this type of hair where you see greater effectiveness. The laser also produces a slight discomfort, although it cannot be said that it becomes painful.

It is important to take some precautions to be able to use laser hair removal. One of them is not to tear the hair before doing hair removal. It is necessary that the root is found in the follicle. In addition, we should not sunbathe either the weeks before or after so as not to sensitize the skin with the laser, as we could suffer burns. That is why this method is not usually carried out during the summer.

IPL pulsed light hair removal

This type of hair removal is very similar to a laser. In this case, a high-intensity light with a broad spectrum is used. It emits a beam of light that focuses on a small area that it covers, instead of focusing on each hair as laser hair removal does. This type of hair removal has a great advantage that it can also help to cure acne.

Laser hair removal at home

In recent years we have been able to see how home hair removal methods have evolved to the point of creating home laser hair removal machines. As these machines are used without training. They are not as effective since the laser does not have the same intensity. But it can be a good method to apply at home and finish the hair comfortably.