Guava is not a well-known fruit in our country since it is considered a tropical fruit. However, at present, we can find all kinds of fruits from other areas in large areas. Guava is popular in other countries like the Philippines because of the great properties it has.

Let’s find out what the tasty guava can bring to your health. Fruit of the Myrtaceae family that can have both a sweet and acid taste, as there are some varieties. It is a fruit that has a round or oval shape, green on the outside and pink on the inside.

Nutritional propertiesNutritional properties

The guavas usually weigh over 60 grams, in which only we find about 30 calories. Like many other fruits, it offers a low amount of calories and a lot of water in its composition. In these grams, there are about 7 grams of natural sugar from the fruit, which as we know does not act in the body as processed white sugar. It has high amounts of natural fiber and potassium. It also stands out for its contribution to vitamin C.

Fruit for liquid retention

This fruit, like banana, has potassium, which helps regulate fluids in our body. This means that we do not retain liquids. There are many stages in life in which we retain fluids, such as pregnancy or during menstruation. There are also those who are prone to this problem because of their genetics, so they should consume foods with potassium, which prevent this fluid retention. This fruit combined with lots of water will make us reduce those accumulated liquids and toxins.

Fruit with folic acidFruit with folic acid

The pregnant always need extra intake of folic acid, so they recommend foods that have it. One of them is healthy guava, which also has the quality of regulating blood sugar, so it is perfect for this stage of women’s lives. Within a healthy diet, guava can help pregnant women to be healthier during this stage.

Appropriate for constipation

One of the main uses that are often given to guava is to combat constipation. Many fruits help us in this sense since they usually have fiber and liquids, so they help intestinal transit. Guava has a high content of natural fibers for the body, so it can be used for the health of our intestine, using it in a balanced diet.

Antioxidant fruitAntioxidant fruit

This tropical fruit is one of those that have more antioxidants. These antioxidants not only help us to be younger but also bring youth to our cells. This means that we avoid long-term illnesses and that we find ourselves in stronger health.

Natural Antibiotic

Guava can be used as a light natural antibiotic. While it is true that it is not as immediate as antibiotics, it can be used to fight the bacteria that cause bad breath and to fight toothache. This use is given in other countries; hence this fruit is highly valued for oral problems.

Vitamin C

This fruit has high levels of vitamin C. This vitamin is perfect to strengthen our defenses and keep away from problems like colds. In addition, it helps absorb iron from food, so it is recommended in case of anemia. This vitamin is also responsible for the formation of collagen in our skin, so it will help us avoid wrinkles.

How to prepare the guavaguava

This fruit can be taken raw, cutting it and removing the outside. It can also be used to make jams and to make smoothies.

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