The oatmeal is a food highly recommended for its high nutritional value, but it is also something that is used in beauty long as it provides great benefits to our skin. Surely you have heard of the scrubs or masks created from oats, either in powder or flakes. Today we will talk about the properties of oatmeal soap, very appreciated for all skin types.

If you like natural soaps, you will love oatmeal soap, one of the most appreciated to care for the skin. It can be done at home or bought, as it is quite common to see this type of soap in herbalists.

Properties of oats

Oats is a food that can be used as a cosmetic. It has great exfoliating power, being soft with all the skins since it is not aggressive as an exfoliant for the face. It helps to eliminate dead skin if you use oatmeal wet in milk as an exfoliant. The skin will be much cleaner and softer after using oats.

This food used as a cosmetic also helps moisturize the skin, keeping the natural moisture in it. It is an ingredient that is used in dry skin because it helps to not dry out and stay hydrated longer.

Oats can be used on the most sensitive skins since it calms the redness. If your skin is sensitive you can use oat products to prevent the skin from becoming red. It is good at calming the irritations and also the itching of the atopic skin. Using soap with oatmeal daily can improve the condition of sensitive skin, thus preventing dermatitis.

Although it is formulated for sensitive skin, the truth is that it is also a good soap for oily skin. Oats absorb fat while maintaining hydration in the skin. Keeping the skin clean also prevents us from having pimples and acne in the long term.

This soap is ideal to keep the skin young. A well-groomed skin is hydrated skin. If we maintain hydration daily, the skin will have fewer wrinkles in the long term, staying much younger. That’s why these soaps are used as a staple in daily beauty rituals to gently cleanse the skin.

This soap can also help in skins suffering from allergies and reactions. It is a type of soap that does not usually cause redness or allergies and that is why it can be used by all kinds of people. If your skin reacts to various chemical components, the best thing you can do is to use soft products like these.

If you have suffered sunburn and notice sensitive skin, you can always use this soap to clean it gently. Oatmeal soap helps keep skin hydrated and soften the redness of burns, so it can be a great ally if we have burned on the beach for lack of sun protection.

How to make oatmeal soap

Although caustic soda is normally used to make all kinds of soaps, the truth is that it is also possible to create soaps of different things from the super glycerin soap, which is also very respectful with the skin. With a glycerin base, we can use a little almond oil, a few spoonfuls of oatmeal powder and honey. The glycerin must be heated to melt it and thus be able to mix all the ingredients. In a container, it is left to rest so that the mixture hardens. After a while, you can cut it and start using it.

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