The sweat of feet can be something very annoying, although in general it is something quite common and that does not have consequences in our health. It is possible to have excessive sweating in the hands or feet, this being something genetic or something that may have to do with a stage of life in which hormones regulate this function in a different way, such as puberty.

If we have the problem of foot sweat, we will have to find some remedies to prevent this from happening. Especially in summer can get to give us some problem, especially because of the moisture that is concentrated when we wear shoes.

Why do the feet sweat?feet sweat

In the soles of the feet, there are thousands of sweat glands that can produce an excess of sweat. These glands do regulate body temperature, refreshing our body in case of excessive heat, to avoid problems in the body. But sometimes there may be a mismatch that causes excessive sweating, something that can occur in the soles of the feet, hands, and armpits.

There are some reasons why excessive sweating may occur. Infections fungal or bacterial can produce more odor and perspiration. On the other hand, hormonal changes can be other causes of increased sweating and a stronger smell, so it usually occurs in stages such as puberty. Diets can also influence the smell and the production of sweat, so you have to avoid spicy and hyperproteic diets, taking a balanced diet.

Tips to avoid sweating

If we have the problem of excessive sweating or odor, we can always make some guidelines that help us. You have to wash your feet several times a day and dry them well. Using talcum powder can help neutralize sweat and odor. Use materials that are breathable, as they help the foot breathe and not sweat so much. The cotton socks are the best and we can also use footwear made of natural fabrics.

It is possible to use products to reduce odor in the feet. In addition, today there are treatments for those who have hyperhidrosis, such as botox, which prevents sweating in these areas.

Home treatments

The apple cider vinegar is used in many remedies for skin because it has some great properties. It helps us to make our hair shine, it has a certain antibacterial power and it is also a great remedy for this foot sweat problem. In a bowl with warm water, you should dilute a few cups of apple cider vinegar and a little salt. Dip the feet and let them soak for a while. Finally, you must dry your feet well and between your fingers.

Another ingredient that we can use is black tea since it helps dry the feet with its astringent power. The tea also gives it a good smell, so that we avoid that strong smell of the feet that tend to sweat. The way to use this herb is through a warm infusion, submerging the feet for a while to take effect.

A simple remedy often used by many people is to wash the feet several times a day with aromatic herbs such as mint or lavender. It can also be a good idea to use a few drops of essential oils that provide a great smell and can also have moisturizing properties. If we use tea tree oil that has antibacterial properties we will also help to have healthier feet, avoiding problems such as fungi.

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